NYPD Chief Bill Bratton requests 450 more policemen for countering increased Islamic terrorism threats


No doubt, Muslim-pandering Mayor DeBlasio is accusing the NYPD Chief  of being an ‘Islamophobe.’ “Now that I’ve finally put a stop to NYPD surveillance of mosques and Muslim businesses, the last thing we need is more police snooping around for potential Muslim terrorists visiting our city.”

Weekly Standard (h/t TROPNew York City police chief Bill Bratton is worried about ISIS. So worried, in fact, that he wants to assign 450 more New York Police Department cops to fight terrororism that may come from the Islamic State.


“We need to be very concerned about terrorism … The significantly increased threat from ISIS using social media to recruit people not only to go to Syria to fight, but encouraging people … to attack police, to attack government officials, to basically brainwash them under their screwed-up ideology. That threat has expanded significantly in the now 16 months I’ve been police commissioner,” Bratton said on the John Catsimatidis radio show.


“We’re treating that threat so seriously, I’m going to put another 450 police officers – if we get the approval to increase the size of the police force – and I need to do it very very quickly – into our counterterrorism operations to increase the ability of our officers to protect critical sites around the city.

Or, if we were to have an incident, so I’d have a lot more officers in the streets with the appropriate equipment to deal with active shooters or hostage situations.

Like Obama, I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds turn ugly
Like Obama, I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds turn ugly

“We are entering a new era where we cannot live in fear, but we have to live increasingly aware of our surroundings … This crazy hijacking of the Muslim religion by these fanatics, twisting it into an ideology that’s all about hate and murder and killing.”

Bratton said he’d work with the New York City mayor on getting the cops he needs to do the job. “I’m making a case for a very specific number of officers to support the initiatives that the mayor has indicated he wants us to focus on: counter-terrorism, improved training, improved responsiveness and trust to the various minority communities, in particular, in the city.


So, we have presented to him numbers that, I think, will deliver what he is indicating he is looking for,” he said.

“Politics is the art of negotiation. I think there’s going to be common ground that we’ll hopefully get most of what we’re looking for to implement the mayor’s plans.”