TALK ABOUT AN OVERREACTION! Hundreds rally to condemn ‘No Muslim’ graffiti on the Texas Tech seal

Graffiti that more than likely was placed there by Muslims themselves, as they have been caught doing many times, to gain sympathy from the community.


KCBD  Students and staff at Texas Tech are uniting as police continue their investigation into who spray-painted the words “no Muslim” on a large reproduction of the school seal in front of the Texas Tech Health Science Center.

On Friday, two days after the words were first discovered, more than a hundred students and staff rallied together, including first year medical student Ahsan Niazi. “We are a community and we have to look out for each other,” Niazi says. “That talk just isn’t tolerated.” But Niazi says this isn’t an isolated incident and he says he knows the hateful rhetoric wasn’t just words, it marks deep into the culture.

Designated terrorist group CAIR demands massive media coverage of such non-stories and the sharia-compliant media is only too happy to comply, whereas they would ignore it if the graffiti said ‘No Christians’ or ‘No Jews.’