‘LUCKY’ LOUISVILLE is about to get its very own mega-mosquestrosity, the largest jihadi training center in town

Will the loud and offensive Muslim Call to Prayer now awaken the neighborhood everyday at 5AM and annoy it four more times during the day?


WAVE3  It’s been years in the making, but a new place of worship is nearly complete. Tucked away off Westport Road is the Muslim community’s newest and largest mosque. “This is not just a building,” said Dr. Siraj Siddiqui. “We wanted place for education, learning, religious tolerance a place for interfaith.” (CRAP! Islam denounces all other religions)

“It’s kind of similar to a lot of oversized mosques in Damascus, Syria or India,” said Muslim Community Center board member Dr. Ammar Almasalkhi. A wall hanging in the entrance is from Pakistan. The tile throughout is made in America. The new Mosque is reminiscent of their old home, in a place they call their new home.

The house that the Muslim community once used as a Mosque will be used as a halal food pantry and shelter for Muslim illegal aliens and refugees. There is also an Islamic school adjacent to the mosque.