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  1. This isn’t the full version! I managed to find (back when the rioting was on the news) a shortened version which run for over 20 minutes.
    Can anyone please advice us where the full version can be found?

  2. The film never should have been banned. It was done only to lend credence to Obama’s and Susan’s repeated lies. The lies were to take the pressure off Obama and Hitlery for running guns and killing Americans in Benghazi.
    The muslims are stupid or they wouldn’t be muslims, but even they aren’t dumb enough to riot, burn buildings, Kill three Americans, and torture to death our American Ambassador over a shoddy film like this.
    Thanks,Obama !

  3. No riots yet? No embassies burned? No ambassadors tortured and sodomized yet? Hillary lied and four men died!! Even after having repeatedly asking for extra security weeks in advance. Even though when they first cried out for help, forces in the area that could have reached them were told to stand down. The real story here is obobo in Vegas while his men were being tortured and executed. O’nero. This film is stupid and third rate, but it served barry’s and hillary’s purpose. “What does it matter now? ” So, what does she know about upcoming elections that even with this, even with documented evidence of illegal charitable contributions and leases sold while she was sec. of state, even caught in lies about missing e -mails and only having one phone, even when she pays women on her staff less than men while saying that she’s a champion of working women, she still thinks that she’s a viable presidential candidate? How condescending to think other women would buy into her bs? Those are the real questions that need asking. Why did they think that they had the authority to take the people’s First Amendment Rights away? Too much time spent with muslim brotherhood scum dreaming of the day when all will bow their heads and wave their butts in the air. We don’t need any more family relations in the People’s House! Jeb is not George. Hillary is not Bill. This is not a dynasty. Want to show how tolerant we are as a society? How about a Jewish President? Now *that* would definitely send a message! 🙂

  4. Cindy Garcia must be real disappointed. No payload like Muslims get when they want to sue. Garcia should have went to a CAIR lawyer.
    Real happy that film is no longer censored.

  5. It was never removed. I first watched back in Sept 2012 when it first made news. Then I watched it again about a month ago on youtube. There was however, a content warning. Nonetheless, it was still available on youtube.

  6. an old Marine Veteran smiles … the burned out barrels of an M60 have done their Job … Thank you George for giving this opportunity to do be part in defense to speak freely… God Bless Our Repblic

    • Thank you for your service. We will NEVER forget and we will not allow others to bury the truth.

  7. This is what the “World” will look like “IF” Shariah law is instituted! This movie was poorly made and should never have been more than a laugh track on Saturday Night Live!

    It’s not that Muslims don’t know how to laugh, its that Islam mind control “only” allows them to “HATE”!!

  8. GREAT for America and Constitutional “Freedom of Speech” (which Muslims HATE, because it Exposes the TRUTH about Islam).

    Unfortunately – BAD for apparent Pro Islam, Pro Muslim, Obama and HIS Administration’s “Protect Islam and MY Muslim Friends”, at ANY Cost Philosophy.