NYPD identifies MUSLIM ‘career criminal’ as suspect in savage anti-gay attack in restaurant

Cops are hunting for a Muslim ‘career criminal’ who bashed a gay couple over the head with a chair at a Chelsea barbecue joint in New York City. Muslims hold the religious belief that gays should be executed.


NY Daily News  Police said Bayna El-Amin, 41, was wanted in connection with the May 5 beating at the Dallas BBQ at 261 8th Ave. El-Amin left the restaurant after attacking the couple from behind.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said El-Amin is believed to be on the run. “He is a career criminal,” Boyce said. “We believe he has fled the state.”

Bayna El-Amin, suspect (left)
Bayna El-Amin, suspect (left)

NYPD brass today described El-Amin as a career criminal whose rap sheet includes 18 arrests, including collars for assault, narcotics possession, credit card fraud, shoplifting, and possession of stolen property.

Video from the eatery shows a man about 6’6″ tall and 325 lbs. smash a wooden chair over a gay couple, knocking them both to the ground. The victims in the attack were Jonathan Snipes, 32, and Ethan York-Adams, 25, police sources said. The beating came after the attacker lobbed several anti-gay slurs at the men.

Muslim perp smashing a chair at man's head
Muslim perp smashing a chair on gay man’s head

Patricia Snipes, of Birmingham, Ala., said her son was experiencing severe pain in his back. “At least he was not killed,” she said, noting she talked to her son’s friend Tuesday. “It could have been very, very bad.” She said she watched the video from the restaurant nearly 1,000 miles away with great difficulty.

“It was hard to look at,” she said. “I looked through it all. In my heart I’m having a very difficult time. There’s nothing I can do right now. All I can do is pray.” “I’m proud to be his mother and I’m worried to death about him,” she said.

The brawl was briefly broken up before the heavy-set bald man rushed in with a chair and slammed the men on the head about 11:00 p.m.