CNN’s ANDERSON COOPER accuses anti-Islam rally organizer of “inciting violence” and “playing to ISIS”

img_1674CNN’s resident Muslim butt-kisser, Anderson Cooper, hammers Jon Ritzheimer, organizer of May 29th’s ‘Draw Muhammad’ free-speech biker rally in front of the same Arizona mosque that produced the two Muslim terrorists killed in the Garland, TX attack, asking him, “Isn’t bringing guns to a mosque violent?” Carrying a legal gun in public is allowed in Arizona.

‘Smarmy’ Cooper accuses US Marine Corps veteran Ritzheimer of being a hypocrite for hating Islam even though he fought in Iraq for an Islamic government.

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You don’t think bringing guns to a mosque while families are praying inside, wearing t-shirts that say ‘F Islam’ and shouting whatever it is you’re going to shout at them — you don’t think that’s promoting violence at all?” Cooper asked Jon Ritzheimer, who has promoted the event by announcing a “Draw Muhammed” contest, which would violate Islamic teachings banning depictions of the Muslim prophet.


The former Marine said he doesn’t believe Americans serving in Afghanistan today are supporting terrorism but does believe that “true Islam is terrorism.” Asked by Cooper if he is “playing into the narrative of ISIS, of Al Qaeda, which is basically trying to say there is a war between Islam and the West,” Ritzheimer replied, “Sure,” without elaboration.

“I think the whole thing — the cartoon contest, especially — I think it’s stupid and ridiculous,” Ritzheimer conceded. “But it’s what needs to take place in order to expose the true colors of Islam.”