Give me a Coke, no ISIS please!


The IT chief at Bangladesh Coca-Cola is one of two men who has been arrested as an Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist suspect. Maybe the CEO of Coca Cola America, Muhtar Kent, should be investigated, as well. He is a Muslim, after all.

Unknownal-Arabiya  An IT manager at a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Co was one of two men arrested in Bangladesh on suspicion of planning to fight for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), police and company sources said on Monday. The pair were detained during a raid in the capital Dhaka on Sunday night, said Sheikh Nazmul Alam, a senior official of the police detective branch.


One man, Aminul Islam, was the information technology head of the multinational company, and worked as a regional coordinator for ISIS, while the other, Sakib Bin Kamal, was a teacher at a school in Dhaka, he added.

A police official and a company source told Reuters that Islam worked at International Beverages Private Ltd, a Coca-Cola unit. The company source, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case, confirmed the arrested man was the head of IT, and said he had been absent from work for several days.


Police official Alam said the suspects had confessed to having persuaded at least 25 students to join ISIS, the militant group that has captured large parts of Syria and Iraq.

At least 12 people have been arrested in Bangladesh in recent months for suspected involvement with ISIS, and reports of its growing influence have raised fears across South Asia.

Bangladesh, whose population is around 90 percent Muslim, is already on alert after three secular bloggers including a U.S. citizen, Avijit Roy, were killed by radical Islamists since February.

Turkish-American Muslim Coca Cola CEO to help Obama advance opportunities in Muslim countries only


Coke’s American-based CEO, Ahmet Muhtar Kent (photo above), is a Muslim anchor baby whose parents were Turkish and he was raised in Turkey 

Coca Cola’s controversial 2014 Super Bowl ad, featuring a Muslim woman in a headbag was 100% political, designed to influence public opinion, propagandizing the people in favor of Muslim immigration. In the military, this is called a PSYOP (psychological operation). Muhtar is engaging in the amnesty for Muslims war. 


How much of his salary and Coke’s profits go to Muslim “charities” that are really fronts for terrorist organizations, as most Muslim “charities” are.


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  1. Coca Cola sells refreshments, its not in the business of politics war or race.
    One shouldent just call ISIS a terrorist organisation despite what it might represent
    Take a step back and look at the wider picture, what caused it in the first place.

  2. Isis is not ISIS. Even though this was only available in the Netherlands during their 2014 campaign and Isis is a very common name in the Netherlands. I just started a new job 3-1/2 weeks ago and my 70 year old electrical engineer co-worker has “ISIS – 02” as his license plate. His granddaughter was named Isis Savannah and passed away at 4 months old. People that choose to boycott Coca-Cola because of using the name Isis on their bottles/cans are pathetic. Again, Isis is NOT ISIS. Get a grip people, and worry about things that can really help the human population.

  3. A lot of Anus clones in the U.S. who swear they are patriotic Americans will not stop drinking this muslim enriching piss.
    Drink anything else, but NO COKE until they replace this filthy muslim.

    Note his name. Tell your friends. AHMET MUHTAR KENT !
    Headless body, anyone ? Raped 10 year old, anyone ? Stoned rape victim, anyone ?
    Hung Homo, anyone ? Burned Christian, anyone ?

    Have a Coke while you watch the fun !

  4. Wow. So grateful that I have garden and fruit trees and well that I can check for contaminants. Otherwise with all the boycotting I do because of these mutants, I’d starve and die of dehydration! Never drank coke. Never liked the taste. Now I have another reason. US has gone to the dark side. Help us Obiwan Kinobi. You’re our only hope!

  5. I remember that obnoxious Super Bowl ad.

    I hate coca-cola for pushing islamic supremacism. I also hate coca-cola for pushing their poisonous drink…especially onto 3rd world countries.

    A new Gallup poll claims that 63% of Americans have turned away from soda due to the dangerous ingredients tied directly to obesity and diabetes as these drinks wreak havoc on your blood sugar, liver, and brain. With extensive studies regarding aspartame, brominated vegetable oil, and just way too much sugar, American consumption started dropping in 2005.

    Along with continuing to aggressively target kids in their marketing, coca-cola bottling plants in Mexico and India have drastically lowered the water supply in small villages while dumping various carcinogenic chemicals into those local environments. Without access to enough clean water as a direct result, the coca-cola gut rot drink has become the only option for local villagers.

    With the long and notorious history of dangerous coca-cola ingredients, I am not surprised that an islamofreak currently heads this evil company worldwide.

  6. When I found out the ceo was muslim, I stopped drinking coke and their products and got my mom to do the same.

  7. I caught the cameo by the baghdad during the last Super Bowl. That was all it took for me. Haven’t had a Coke since then.


  8. This is disgusting. Coca Cola is (was) as American as apple pie. Is there anything that this islamic filth haven’t infiltrated?

  9. Geez now I have to stop drinking Coke. How dare Coca Cola allow their brand name product to be used to fund ISIS. And lure dumb ass young mostly men to join ISIS.

  10. There’s a certain irony here…..Coca Cola couldn’t be more American if it tried. But this pair of traitors are very happy to make huge personal profits out of selling it!!

  11. that’s enough for me; no more coca-cola products. i’ll switch to pepsi or dr pepper.
    don’t buy haribo gummi products, either – they’re made in turkey.

  12. Investigate ALL Islamic FILTH in positions of power in the U.S. immediately. They are ALL “moles” and want Shariah and a caliphate.

    All adherents to Islam are terrorists, wannabe terrorists or supporters/financiers of terrorists.

    All others calling themselves Muslims are nothing more than apostates that are subject to the same fate that real Muslims want to bestow on infidels.

    • Dr Pepper is owned by Schweppes. Interestingly, here in Canada, regular and diet pepsi is halal while regular and diet coke is not.