JENNIFER LOPEZ’s ‘sexy’ show in Morocco has Muslim heads exploding

10740337w-1The sexually-charged show performed over the weekend by pop diva Jennifer Lopez at the Mawazine music festival in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco,  has disgusted Islamofasist members of the ruling Justice and Development Party. The communications minister called the broadcast on public television “unacceptable.” (But you know the filthy lech couldn’t keep his eyes off of her)


FOX News  There was great anticipation over whether JLo would adapt her concert to conform more to the sensibilities of conservative Muslims.

Although Lopez did tone down the show somewhat to make it more discreet, the glamorous Bronx-born singer basically offered the Moroccan public the same format as she does at any of her other shows: Lots of wardrobe changes – she donned seven different outfits for her different dancing and singing numbers – all of them involving scanty clothing and plenty of skin.


Communications Minister Mustafa Al-Khalfi of the JDP did not criticize Lopez directly but wrote in his Twitter account that the fact that the show was broadcast by the 2M public TV network – which airs all the Mawazine music festival concerts – was “unacceptable” and “against the law.”


Al-Khalfi added that he had asked the channel’s ethics committee to examine the ethical aspects of broadcasting the concert during primetime.

Another JDP official, Abdessamad Al-Idrissi, also criticized the Mawazine festival, the only such festival in the North African country to feature performers such as Shakira, Rihanna, Ricky Martin and Justin Timberlake. On his Facebook account, Al-Idrissi said that the festival is “shameful” and attacks the values of the Moroccan people and nation.