OOPS…Muslim man, high on drugs, shot dead in confrontation with Long Beach police officer

Feras Morad, 20, was killed Wednesday night in what police say was a bizarre confrontation with an officer who was trying to help him. 

Feras Morad, dead Muslim
Feras Morad, dead Muslim

LA TIMES  Police say Morad became violent and appeared to be under the influence of drugs while with friends at an apartment on East 15th Street. He started “acting erratically and got into a physical altercation with his friends that lasted approximately 10 minutes,” according to a Police Department statement. 

Relatives and friends of Morad, who attended Moorpark College, have criticized the police in online postings.

Morad then jumped through a second-story plate-glass window, the release said. An arriving officer saw a man covered in blood and announced he was there to help him, according to the release, but Morad moved toward him “telling the officer he was going to attack him.”

The suspect advanced more rapidly toward the officer who perceived the suspect was now a threat and going to assault him. During the next few minutes, the officer utilized verbal commands, an electronic control device, an impact weapon, and physical force to gain compliance but was unsuccessful. Ultimately, the suspect again advanced toward the officer, telling the officer he was going to attack him.

KTLA  Although the policeman ordered the man to stop so that he could be treated for his injury, Morad began approaching him more quickly, authorities said. Believing that he was about to be assaulted, the officer then used an electronic control device and “an impact weapon” in an unsuccessful effort to subdue the man, according to authorities.

A witness who did not wish to be identified alleged that the man made “confrontational remarks” to the police officer, including, “I’m going to kill you.”