CANADA: Anti-Islam hate graffiti found on Calgary kebob restaurant

A Muslim restaurant owner says he feels disgusted and hurt, after finding hate filled graffiti on his business. Someone spray painted the words “FUCK ISLAM” on the wall of KOOB The Kabob Factory.


Calgary Herald  Sat Khezri, owner of KOOB The Kabob Factory on 72 Ave. SE, near the intersection of Glenmore Trail and Stoney Trail S.E., said the message was spray-painted in three spots around the building, including a white brick facade in the front.

“I was obviously in shock and shaking my head and disgusted that this would even be an issue,” Khezri said. “Guaranteed, it was a target.  We’re the only Muslim-looking place even though we don’t have halal food and we’re not pushing Islam or anything like that. But we serve kebob.”


Kebob? Kebob did you say? Maybe they were remembering 14-year-old Charlene Downs, the British girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted, murdered, and then chopped up for Kebabs by Muslims to sell in their kebob shop?


“This is definitely a hate-motivated mischief,” said Sgt. Eric Levesque, hate crimes co-ordinator for the Calgary Police Service. “Typically, we have seen an increase in hate-motivated mischief both towards the Jewish community and towards the Muslim community over the last year or so, likely because of international events,” he said.

Khezri said he originally did not want to publicize the incident because he didn’t want to give the perpetrators satisfaction. He said he immediately covered up the messages and informed the police, who told him they would come clean up the graffiti. Neither Khezri nor Levesque know who is behind the incident.


Khezri said, “The fact that they did that was obviously because we have a Middle Eastern base. Obviously these people are small-minded people that did this.”