FRENCH LEFTIST AWAKENING? Very liberal magazine gets barrage of death threats after publishing a cover story on the willing accomplices of Islamofascism

une-de-lhebdomadaire-mariannepngThe director of the weekly magazine ‘Marianne’ has filed a complaint against an unnamed source after becoming the target of insults and repeated death threats on social networks after it ran a special dossier entitled “The accomplices of Islamism.”

DMF  In the text of the complaint, the following tweet appears:

“When is the Marianne editorial team getting machine-gunned?”

“Four months after the attacks that inspired journalists to write this dossier, after the death of one of their own, the illustrator Tignous [killed in the attack against Charlie Hebdo at the beginning of January], these threats resonate painfully,” Marianne writes in a statement.

In addition to death threats, the weekly magazine says it has received “hundreds of insults of a racist and antisemitic character.”