Awwww, looks like negative publicity from websites like BNI put a damper on the plan to blast the loud, offensive Muslim Call to Prayer across 50 states

Jameel Syed , the man who performed the adhan (Muslim Call to Prayer) in all 50 states is back from his trip. He talks about the good, the bad and the ugliness of the American Muslim scene.


Muslim Link  Anti-Muslim hatred altered the nature of our trip. At first we were going to put up a map on the website with dates and times of where I was going to be. We were going to post live pictures and allow meet-ups in the different cities that we were visiting,  I was going to invite press to follow our journey in real time.

When the word got out and an article published about my trip was posted on the CAIR Facebook page, it received a lot of negative attention from what I now know to be anti Islam trolls. I started receiving hate mail. I got a text late at night with my name and face plastered on a right wing hate website. I didn’t realize how real ‘Islamophobia’ was and that was a big wake up call. I am one of those Islamists now. disgusting-offensive-eardrum-shattering-muslim-call-to-jihad-to-be-forced-on-50-states


We received many emails and veiled death threats- so many wanted to know when and where are you coming to my state? ‘To kill or not to kill a Muslim’ article was emailed to me.

Many Muslim speakers/activists receive this kind of mail, but they were not going for a 50 state trip. That was the exciting and scary thing about this trip, the unpredictability of what we would find.

I then immediately did shurah ( a highly valued prophetic tradition) with my family, my lawyer, and the Executive Director of CAIR, Michigan, Dawud Walid. We decided to alter the plans and not make our route public. We also changed our navigation. We delayed our social media posts and decided not go live.

Islamophobia is very real!