The problem isn’t that your Muslim doctor might be a jihadist, it’s that you have a Muslim doctor in the first place

Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, addressed the National Security Action Summit in Iowa, warning American civilians of the high probability that any seemingly innocent Muslim could in fact be a jihadist on American soil.

RWW  Gaffney, who organized the summit, which was attended by a number of Republican presidential candidates, argued these hidden jihadists are “imposing [Sharia Law] piecemeal, steadily, stealthily” to advance the jihad agenda.

Gaffney shared a story he heard from an unnamed Texan woman regarding a conversation she had in 1985 with her supposedly “nicely spoken, well dressed, seemingly fully assimilated” Muslim doctor. This Muslim doctor apparently informed his patient during her visit that “in due course the Muslims would wield the sword to force us all to submit to Sharia” because that’s “what [Muslims] do.” 

The doctor proceeded to say that Muslims have not enacted Sharia yet because “they are not strong enough” but they “will be in due course.”

If you find yourself in an Emergency Room and think the doctor/nurse treating you is a Muslim, don’t hesitate to ask if they are. If the answer is “yes,” request one who isn’t. It’s your right.