Oh, BOO HOO…Muslim troublemaker on United Airlines flight says: “This is not about a can of soda. This is much more than that. There is so much hate that I’m experiencing. I have received death threats after this entire experience.”

Capture7A Muslim woman, who lied about being refused a can of Diet Coke over the flight attendant’s fears she might “weaponize” it, claims to be the victim of numerous death threats. Despite the airline issuing her an apology, witnesses on the flight still “accuse her of lying,” whines Tahera Ahmad.

BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO THE BIASED RT REPORT BELOW, READ THE BACK STORY ON THIS ALLEGED INCIDENT HERE: she-lied-united-airlines-witness-to-diet-coke-incident-involving-muslim-bitch-who-got-a-flight-attendant-fired-for-alleged-discrimination


RT  I don’t understand where all this hate is coming from? And this is absolutely unacceptable,” Ahmad said.

The number of threats received by Ahmad seems to have been fueled by the anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller and other anti-Islam bloggers. Criticized repeatedly for being Islamophobic, Geller wrote an opinion piece which accused the 31-year-old Ahmad of lying about the whole incident.muslim-problems1

Ahmad has been linked to known supporters of the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood and members of Boston Islamic community who were indirectly linked to the Tsarnaev brothers and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Please urge United Airlines to rehire this flight attendant.  http://floridafamily.org/full_article.php?article_no=481