MICHIGANISTAN: Paul Smith, candidate for Mayor of Sterling Heights, accused of being anti-Muslim by designated Muslim terrorist group CAIR

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR – Council on American Islamic Relations in Michigan – is concerned about mayoral candidate Paul Smith’s history of spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Arab American News  Smith has been slammed for an anti-Muslim email and comments in 2010 during the Ground Zero Victory Mosque controversy, in which an Islamic jihad training center faced fierce opposition to build by American citizens. Smith allegedly said the following according to Deadline Detroit:


“We are highly concerned someone can hold such bigoted views in a city with a growing American Muslim population,” CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid said.

Smith, a former Sterling Heights city councilman, is known for stirring up controversy at city meetings, racial slurs, and derogatory comments against President Obama and others. (Sounds good to me)