NOT IN MY BACKYARD! Michigan residents fear Muslim youth camp will be Islamic State (ISIS) training center

This week, an Ogemaw County Township board voted against a Special Use Permit for the proposed camp. It would sit on property along Townline Lake in both Rose Township and Goodar Township.


ABC 12 Bobby Burke was at that meeting. He’s lived on land across the road from the property for more than 40 years. He showed up at the Rose Township board meeting Monday to find out what would happen with a Special Use Permit request, made by Muslim property owner Nayef Salha.

That’s where other Ogemaw County residents brought up concerns that the youth camp could actually be an ISIS training site. Reporter Rebecca Trylch asked if Burke is worried. “Well, you hear that stuff all the time.”

Rose Township Supervisor Louis McKellar says ISIS worries had nothing to do with the board’s decision to vote against a Special Use Permit for this land. “The traffic on the roads, the possibility of pollution from the drain fields they want to put in and the noise,” McKellar said. (Because you can never just come out tell them that you don’t want a lot of little Muslim terrorists-in-training in your backyard)