Oh, NOES! Designated Terrorist Group CAIR is livid that Montana school superintendents learned about the threat of Islamization in public schools


Kalispell Public Schools Superintendent Mark Flatau, Columbia Falls District Superintendent Steve Bradshaw and Bigfork School District Superintendent Matt Jensen accepted the local Act! for America Chapter’s  invitation to answer questions about concerns related to teachings of world religions. For that they deserve our thanks and appreciation. It was certainly not a “regular day at the office” for them.


We would like to address a couple of points that came out of the discussion.

The Superintendents repeatedly stated, “We do not have these problems in Montana.”  The local schools have not yet been asked to provide Halal food, prayer rooms, or special consideration during the month of Ramadan, but this is happening with increasing frequency in other states.  It is prudent to ask how such requests for special accommodation will be answered in Montana when the time comes.


Nationally, school districts are quick to please CAIR and other Islamic organizations to force teachers who distribute factual information to students regarding Islam to either resign, at best or be fired, at worst.

People who dare not agree with the Islamic agenda are called Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bigots.  The truth is, proponents of Islam are making every effort to marginalize and silence those who cling to American values and traditions.  If these forces are not at work here in the State of Montana already, and that’s arguable, it’s just a matter of time.

Parents of students in an American public middle school raised hell at discovering the below Islam-promoting vocabulary worksheet  being used in the classroom:


Another topic which generated a number of questions for the panel was textbook selection.  This is of concern because there are a number of history and social studies textbooks in use across the country,  which have been reported in multiple textbook studies to contain misinformation, particularly with regard to Islam.  One book in particular,

World History:  Patterns of Interaction, is currently in use in District Five.

Basic CMYK

Some of us are so committed to stepping up our involvement that we will be starting a “Truth in Montana Textbooks” Association.  If you would like to become involved with this endeavor, please e-mail us at  fvactschool@gmail.com.


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In the video below, see how American public school textbooks are whitewashing Islam: