BNI’s repeated ‘NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM’ warnings’ must be working…Muslims now are trying to hide the fact that they are Muslims from potential employers

Employers must be ever more vigilant in background checks for applicants suspected of being Muslim. Case in point: A Muslim teacher in Britain who changed his name from Hamid Mahmood to Harry Mason in order to get more job interviews spent years at a known terror-linked mosque:

I applied at over thirty schools for ‘Teacher of Religious Education’ positions and have never been shortlisted for an interview, and just last week found out why and as a result my worldview has changed and I have decided to leave the teaching profession at government schools.  I have decided to go on an intellectual Jihad against discrimination and injustice.  This all began when I went from being ‘Hamid Mahmood’ to ‘Harry Mason’…


Romford Recorder  Hamid Mahmood changed his name to “Harry Mason” on his CV when applying to a Religious Studies teaching post at Langdon Academy for a second time, because he wanted to see if his “race or religion had anything to do with the constant rejections”. The experienced teacher said he was “shocked” after receiving a job interview hours after applying with a different identity, claiming the outcome shows his “fears of discrimination are true”.

Mr Mahmood told the Recorder that he had been turned down from thirty teaching posts in the last year despite having a first class Master’s degree and a distinction in his teaching qualification. Mr Mahmood, from Walthamstow, who has taught at Islamic schools for eight years, was also turned down for a teaching position at Langdon Academy in March last year. 


Constant rejections from other schools prompted him to re-apply for the same position at Langdon when it reappeared in May, only this time with a different identity.  The 30-year-old claimed he changed his name and “deleted any reference to Islam” but said “no other changes were made to the CV”.

He added: “Before I applied last year, I called them up and they seemed very positive about the application, but then when I applied I didn’t hear back. I’m also sure that nobody else was hired because they re-advertised the job a month later in April. 

“So, when the same position came up this year in May, I decided to apply again but this time I changed my name to Harry Mason and took out any reference to Islam.” Mr Mahmood said he was invited for an interview seven hours after applying for the role.

The beard should raise a red flag
Harry Mason’s beard should raise a red flag

“But at the end of the day, it looks like my degree didn’t matter because it was really based on ethnicity and faith and this is something I am really saddened by.” He told the BBC Asian Network’s Nihal Show, unchallenged on air, that he believes “Islamophobia still exists.” Actually, it wasn’t Islamophobia, it was his support for terrorist-linked organizations and mosques.

Breitbart  Mahmood confirmed to the BBC that he “took off [a] degree from an Islamic seminary” before resubmitting the job application. It turns out that seminary – the Markazi Masjid – has been repeatedly implicated in terrorism.


The Daily Mail linked the mosque, and a ‘Muslim rights activist‘ in the news, to the 7/7 bombers who committed terrorist atrocities in London. “The mosque is run by Tablighi Jamaat, a radical Islamic movement believed by intelligence agencies to be a fertile source for recruiting young extremists,” the report stated.

The Times stated: “Several of the suspects arrested in August over the alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners had attended meetings of Tablighi Jamaat, which French intelligence has labelled an ‘antechamber of fundamentalism’. The FBI says it is a fertile breeding ground for al-Qaeda.”


Indeed Mahmood ‘likes’ the mega mosque on Facebook, as well as a Chinese Tablighi mosque, and one in Pakistan. A Telegraph article from 2006 calls Tablighi Jamaat the ‘Army of Darkness’ and said of the group: “…with increasing and alarming frequency, the name of Tablighi Jamaat is cropping up in the worldwide fight against terrorism.”


Mr Mahmood’s own Facebook activity references extremists. He ‘likes’ the Tayyibun Institute, linked to an extremist preacher who appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Undercover Mosque’ documentary in 2007, he also likes the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, a group that has received a number of anti-Semitism allegations, and Uthman Lateef, another controversial Muslim cleric.

Langdon Academy, which Mr Mahmood accuses of Islamophobia, told Breitbart London: “The Academy does not comment on the details of confidential staffing matters.”


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