MALAYSIAN GOLD MEDAL GYMNAST under fire by Muslims for showing her “genitalia” and “vagina shape”

Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi has received a slew of condemnations from Muslims who attacked her for showing her “aurat” (genitalia) and the “shape of her vagina” in a leotard despite winning a gold medal at the SEA Games.


Malay Mail (h/t TROP)  Several Facebook users slammed the 21-year-old Malay woman on Buletin TV3’s Facebook page that had uploaded Wednesday a photograph of her in the gymnastics outfit, along with a caption that announced her winning gold in floor exercise in artistic gymnastics.

Malaysia's Farah Ann Abdul Hadi performs on the uneven bars during the women's artistic gymnastics team final at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore June 7, 2015.

Malaysia’s Farah Ann Abdul Hadi performs on the uneven bars during the women’s artistic gymnastics team final at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore June 7, 2015.

“Until she’s dead too people can see the shape of her vagina and aurat,” wrote a Facebook user called Muhammad Nur Salam. Facebook user called Amir Muhd said: “Just strip off your clothes lah… let everyone see.”

Another Facebook user said Farah Ann’s dressing was even worse than non-Muslims’ in terms of showing her “aurat”.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is praising Malaysians for their moderate policies during a visit to the Muslim-majority country,

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is praising Malaysians for their moderate religious policies during a visit to the Muslim-majority country,

“This is the joy of the temporal world…even though our afterlife will be full of pain from Allah swt, what is it compared to the medal hung around that neck if our spirit in the afterlife suffer one day later,” wrote Addieputra Jentayu.


Other Muslim Facebook users, however, have come to Farah Ann’s defense. “So disgusting reading these religious comments from the so-called future members of heaven… just ignore them… Congratulations Farah Ann, it’s not easy to get a gold medal for Malaysia,” wrote Dina Nida.

Singapore news website The New Paper reported that Farah Ann had pulled off a flawless floor routine to score 13.733, beating Indonesia and Vietnam. also reportedly won three bronze medals and a silver in individual events.

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  1. I hear no such complaints when their menfolk to body building comps and hslf if their scrotum sticks out of their shiny speedos. lah(sarcasm)

  2. Would they have been happier if she had a penis shape?

    The poor girl was probably already FGM’d

  3. The bravery, strength, determination and courage to undertake gymnastics as a sport, is of course lost on these people. As is everything else that’s nice, decent, and requires really hard work.

    What I find amusing is their mosque centres always seem to include an alleged athletic facility of some sort. Who uses these athletic facilities and for what…? Islam does not respect or promote sport and these centres should all be under strict observation.

    As for this Malaysian girl, she should defect on her next competition, for her own safety.

  4. I love watching gymnastics. All categories men and women. Their skills enchant me no end. Hope this gorgeous girl gets Olmypic Gold!

  5. Muslims are sex crazy even after moe allowed them 4 wives and unlimited sex slaves, including goats, sheeps, camels, donkeys & dead women.
    Instead of applauding her victory these lecherous mullas concentrate on her pubic area with their x-ray vision
    Filthy cult of rapist, freeloaders and murderers

  6. Ali Sina made the point that Moslems regard a woman’s entire body as being her vagina, which is why they are swathed in formless shrouds.

    Slightly off topic, it was pleasing to watch a young woman gymnast who looked like a young woman – instead of resembling a starved leprechaun.

  7. I find the psychology behind this to be fascinating. We always hear Muslims complaining about how Westerners always “objectify” women, yet interesting how all these Muslims could focus on is this gymnast’s vagina. Even the typical Western male who watches her perform would not notice until someone points it out. It comes to show how modesty in the Islamic world goes hand-in-hand with the objectification of a woman’s body in the Islamic world. Of course these same Muslims would not complain about male crotches protruding in male gymnast’s outfits but then again men are not the ones who are constantly the object of sexual desire to be controlled.

    • You hit the essence of it right there perfectly. These guys probably watched only to see her “vagina shape”. The next time she should stick a carrot under the crotch of her suit….

  8. Ohhh Gawwwdd no ,,,,,,,,, not you , Hullary …… What is that , ‘Monkica Beach’ , as the photographic press used to call a certain lawn at the White house ??

  9. Gymnastics to me I an art form. I would like to see a Islamic woman preform this in the garb muslime women wear head bags and all and try to win any metal at all. Not happening, never will. Nuff said!!!!!

    • Women in gymnastics outfits is nothing to these guys, in reality. All of those guys with huge beards and official Muslim garb are looking at outright porn every chance they get when nobody else is watching them. This makes logical sense because they are obsessed with Allah’s eternal whorehouse.

      Anyone who is a woman would probably find hell preferable to MohammadAllah’s idea of heaven.

  10. Typical penis fixated ragheads. All they can think about is what to do with their
    wee weenies. Rape women: Play with little boys: Use six year old girls for thighing. (The Poppet did it,so it’s OK. They tell us they are so religious that they must die if they see an unclothed woman other than their wives. Either this is bullsh*t, or there is a special thing muslims at the U.N. take as medicine. Otherwise, there would be a pile of dead ragheads in front of every strip club and titty bar in New York.

    • “Naked– other than their wives”? I don’t know if it’s true, but Rush Limbaugh said that Muslims are supposed to remain clothed even during sex. Can anyone confirm this? Not that I doubt Rush, but he’s not a Muzzie.

  11. Interesting…what civilized people see vs what muslims see.

    I look at that photo of this young lady on the uneven bars…and I’m drawn to the expression on her face–she’s straining every synapse and sinew, striving mightily to do her best–to BE her best. I marvel at her athleticism and the symmetry she attains there. Yes, I do notice the area of her lower torso, between her legs. But…I see it as the center-of-gravity from which that symmetry flows. Is there the faint outline of “private parts” there? I wouldn’t have noticed it but for the story around it.

    Muslim men look at the same photo and are drawn to her CROTCH. That’s all they see, that’s all they care about; not the beauty, not the striving, not the inspiration. And, of course, they’re OFFENDED; how DARE she…in that outfit! Why, you can tell (if that’s what you’re looking for) that she has private-parts. For shame! It’s their shame, of course, that that’s all they’re looking at–and maybe thinking some naughty thoughts? What if that were the outline of a MAN’S private parts–would they still be so “offended?” This is ISLAMIC (misogynistic) perversion, pure and simple.

    This only proves it yet again: Muslims take what’s beautiful in this life and make it obscene. At the same time, they take the obscenity that is islam and call it beautiful. These are sick people…

  12. Good Lord in Heaven!!!!! >Those ragheads are obsessed with sex . Peter Traine just said it . Castration would be a really good idea. They are depraved twisted, and a fungus, in every way!

  13. Some girls do gymnastics and spend all their waking hours training for years and all these barbarians can think about is stuff like “vagina shape”.

    It seems that the Muslim world thinks of women as walking vaginas. But I’m sure that, like everything else, it can’t possibly have anything to do with Islam.

    If she is Muslim she should convert to Buddhism or pretty much anything else ASAP if she hasn’t already.

  14. Please hillary just keep yer mouth shut,you talk that much sh-t your breath must be rotten,and whats she doing in Malayasia anyway,is her brother looking at opening another goldmine through the clinton foundation

    • You do realize Hillary’s right hand aide who was Deputy Secretary of State when Hillary was Secretary of State is none other than Huma Abedin who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood. It was through her that the Clinton Foundation received ‘generous’ donations from Islamic groups and think tanks.

  15. And I suppose she should have been wearing a friggin’ burqa, right? These assholes should be forbidden from ever participating in any activity that includes or competes against westerners or non-mosquerats…

  16. I guess they ran out of nine-year olds. They must be looking very carefully to see what they are condemning. Perverts.

  17. Her family must have grown up amongst the non-muslim Chinese malaysians who enjoy this kind of sport…Chinese who do all of the hard work for these lazy ass muzzies.

    It’s so messed up how Islamic thinking is that they ignore talent for a pornographic obsession with her ass.

  18. Sooo, the lovely young lady showed a liitle camel toe! Leave it to a bunch of degenerate demonic perverted koranimals to make more of that than her winning a Gold Medal which you filthy koranimals SHOULD be proud of but aren’t. STFU Mahound!