SAUDI ARABIA is celebrating its 100th beheading this year

On the upside, unlike the brutal, dull-knife beheadings we see carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS) savages, at least the Saudis use a long sword which enables them to smite the head off in one fell swoop.


Egypt Independent  Saudi Arabia on Monday beheaded a Syrian drug trafficker and a national convicted of murder, taking to 100 the number of executions in the kingdom this year. Under the Gulf state’s strict Islamic sharia legal code, drug trafficking, rape, murder, armed robbery and apostasy are all punishable by death.

The number of executions has surged in 2015 compared with the 87 recorded by AFP for all of last year. But it is still far below the record 192 which rights group Amnesty International said took place in 1995. 


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  1. I love the sound of the sirens of an ambulance in the background. I think that it is a bit late for that.

  2. But this has nothing to do with islam, right? Apostasy? Does that mean anti wasabi or anti islam? I heard that their grand mullah ordered the destruction of all Christian Houses of Worship and that the king buys little girls from isis. They’re all sick perverts. Can’t kill each other off soon enough for me! Feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and am stuck in Wonderland, “Off with their heads! Off with their heads! ” And waterboarding these m ‘effers who had a hand in the 9/11 attack is wrong….why???

  3. Good news as long as it is 100 muslums being beheaded. This could be a head chopping record year at the rate they are going.

  4. Our Nation NEEDS to get out of the U.N. and NEEDS quit Funding Saudi Arabia NOW!!

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