FRANCE: TERROR AT CALAIS: Nervous Tour Bus passengers film Muslim illegal alien rioters smashing their way onto a lorry headed for the UK


Bus driver says ‘Don’t panic guys, we have locked all of the doors. Try not to panic guys.’ One of the shocked passengers asks: This is hardcore man. Do they not police this? Someone replies: ‘No.’

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Terry D) The ones who couldn’t get into the lorry, surround the bus and a burly passenger is asked to come to the front apparently to help guard the door. Behind the coach, many of the illegals began to climb over the car of a solo elderly woman which must have been very traumatic. One woman who caught some of the action on camera had to stop filming when one of the Muslim thugs sees her filming and threatens to throw a rock through the window Moments after the video ends the Muslims began to flee as French police arrived in riot gear.