MUSLIM college student arrested for plotting with ISIS to blow up New York City landmarks and tourist attractions

Recorded saying he thought al-Qaeda had gotten “too moderate,” Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year-old MUSLIM terrorist wannabe and aeronautic engineering student, is charged with conspiring to provide material support to ISIS and plotting to detonate bombs.


NY Daily News  The feds have foiled an ISIS-loving Queens Muslim man’s bid to unleash a Boston Marathon-type bombing in New York, authorities said. Munther Omar Saleh is suspected of trying to build and detonate pressure cooker bombs, according to court papers released Tuesday.

Saleh, a student at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in Queens, is a “fervent supporter” of the barbaric Islamic terrorist organization that has shocked the world with videotapes of prisoner executions and beheadings, the criminal complaint says. Saleh told a confidential government informant that he was “trying to do an op” in New York, apparently referring to a terrorist attack, according to the court papers.


Saleh’s disturbing tweets mocking the terrorist group Al Qaeda for being too moderate compared with ISIS caught the attention of authorities earlier this year. In March, he was spotted by cops lurking on foot on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge carrying a lantern, the papers say.

He was questioned by investigators from the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force and disavowed ISIS, but court-ordered surveillance of his Internet searches revealed a darker side.


On May 7, “Saleh emailed himself information from the Internet regarding the construction of a pressure cooker bomb,” the Brooklyn Federal Court complaint states. That’s the same type of lethal device detonated at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

On May 10, “Saleh performed Internet searches for the terms ‘watch,’ ‘casio,’ and ‘vacuum’. . . these searches reflect Saleh’s efforts to identify and obtain components required to create an explosive device.” Saleh was also surfing the Web for images of New York landmarks and tourist attractions on May 28, the complaint states.

A man who identified himself as Saleh’s father was shocked by the allegations. “My son can’t even drive. How could he drive a car?” he said. The complaint also refers to two unidentified co-conspirators of Saleh who were apparently taken into custody, but it is unclear if they are cooperating with the government.


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  1. Another planned terrorist attack. Let me guess, was it a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, an atheist? Oh what a surprise. It was that religion of peace again? Well, what can you expect when they glorify a paedophile, wife beating charlatan.

    You Muslims have no place in a civilised society.

  2. why is everyone here being so islamophobic!@! . this poor muslim boy is a victim dont you know. he has been oppressed. he doesn’t have opportunity. opportunity to study, be free, to assimilate, to be non racially abused, to freely practice his religion in his lovely mosque. another poor muslim victim. gee there are a lot of them. poor persecuted muslims. everywhere !

    why shouldn’t he want to kill everyone, why wouldnt he want to kill, mame & blow up us awful non-muslim unbelievers ??? its not his fault everyone who has victimised him in his life, just b/c they dont see islam as the wonderful religion of peace… even if a few of the followers have to blow up ppl and places just to get their point across, once and for all, that islam means peace !!

    lets all accept it. whats a few beheadings, and a few bombs. its only a very small percentage, as CAIR tell us so often, so we should just get over it. ok ???

    islam means peace. of course it does. and if we have to be blown up to prove it, then so be it. get over it all you islamophobic dhimmis.

    just b/c he wants to blow up all americans…. that does not mean he is NOT peaceful. and of course that aspect of his thinking… has NOTHING to do with islam, of course not.

    now time for us all to accept this and leave this lovely religion alone and stop profiling it for all its murderous followers. its not their fault. theyre just islamic.

    • But Jimbo where have you been? Don’t you know that we’re supposed to love and pray for them??? We’re not supposed to criticize them or point out the absurdity of the contradiction between their words and actions. We’re supposed to nurture and love them through it. You have to profess love for them. Now, you wouldn’t want to be called a “hater ” would you? They just want jobs! We’re supposed to open our homes and our hearts to them! Hire them as teachers and entrust the care of our sons and daughters to them. They only want to be loved and accepted for the murderous, lying, filthy things that they are. I thought you’d have heard that by now. You’re supposed to praise and thank them for wanting to rape your sisters, mothers and daughters: sodomize your sons and chop off your head after they pillage everything you’ve worked for. They just need love! ! ? *!!?

  3. This is exactly the same type of young, oh so concerned, asshole that protests the on campus speaking of Pamela Geller and any other person who tells the truth about the baby raping, female mutilating, so called religion of islam.
    They want to e so moderate in speech about islam and, meanwhile, back at the ranch, they are throwing homos off tall buildings and stoning rape victims for not being virgins.

  4. I’m missing something here. The father’s statement, “He can’t drive. ” Isn’t there 24 hr public transportation in NY? Cabs? What does baby mutant’s lack of driving skills have to do with anything?? Then, I’m from CA where driving is something we do usually before our 16th b’day. Wouldn’t surprise me if he couldn’t drive. Waiting for someone else to do that for him also and it must be the fault of the Americans because he can’t. That’s their logic. Take time to research bomb building, but skip driver’s ed. Duh! Even those 72 virgins would be laughing. What young MAN doesn’t want to drive? One whose goal is a point of destination where a car is unnecessary. Gonna fly on his magic carpet! More hookah smokin ‘ dummies!

  5. Gasp!! That poor little impoverished disaffected victim of racism! WHEN will it ended… (wimper) when…?

  6. BTW, who paid for this mudslimes education? Most likely American citizens while we have to pay through the nose for our education.

  7. Worshiping the false god Mohammad-Allah naturally leads to barbaric violence and savagery. They might as well be worshiping the ancient Assyrian/Babylonian war god Ninurta because it would have the same effect.

    That’s why ISIS wants to destroy sites like Nimrud so badly. By studying ancient history it becomes apparent that the cult of Mohammad-Allah isn’t that much different from the cult of Ninurta, for example, as both are based on brutality and despotism. They’re just trying to cover up the evidence of how backward they are.

  8. But you know that he is going to be portrayed as “a nice boy” who could not possibly be interested or capable of doing this sort of thing.

  9. ONLY THE uneducated and the poor muSlimes are becoming so DEVOUT as to kill others in the cause of allah?

    Well cair and others can look for another lie to defend the pedophile lice-ridden propfeet for stoned-gawd allah.

  10. QUOTE:
    09.3 Jihad is also (0: personally) obligatory for everyone (0: able to perform it,

    male or female,

    old or young)

    when the enemy has surrounded the Muslims (0: on every side, having entered our territory, even if the land consists of ruins, wilderness, or mountains, for non-Muslim forces entering Muslim lands is a weighty matter that cannot be ignored, but must be met with effort and struggle to repel them by every possible means.

    =end of quote from SHARIA ISLAMIC SACRED LAW =

    Muslim LANDS? this is just the ISLAMIC land?

    wrong WRONG, WRONG!


    IN the mind of a muSlime, the WHOLE Earth belongs to allah and his SLAVES.

    keep in mind also the term: