BRITAIN: Little Muslim savages beat the crap out of a 10-year-old British kid for allegedly calling them a name

West Yorkshire Police say they are investigating an online video in which a ten-year-old boy is chased and beaten by two MUSLIM youths. In the video, the boy is kicked and punched by two MUSLIM attackers before trying to escape in a nearby garden. One of the youths then kicks and punches him repeatedly as he is lying on the ground.


Telegraph & Argus  A statement on West Yorkshire Police’s Contact Centre Twitter account posted this afternoon read: “We are aware of the video posted on Facebook regarding the attack on a 10-year-old child. Police are investigating.”

West Yorkshire Police later added a further update via its Facebook page, which read: “Police would like to ask the public to refrain from posting a video of an alleged attack on a youth, which is believed to have occurred in Bradford.


UPDATE: Three arrested on suspicion of assaulting boy after video is posted on Facebook.

Telegraph & Argus  Police are quizzing three teenagers over a Facebook video that has been viewed more than 100,000 times online. Just after 3.30pm, police announced they had arrested three 13-year-old boys on suspicion of assault following the video – which appears to show a young boy being chased, kicked and punched by youths – being shared on social media.

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  1. Why did muslims stop? Simple they knew if they murdered him, if that pic goes international, like the 2 yrs old boy who washed a shore. That pic opened the doors more widely for muslims to flow into North America. If muslims come here to beat our kids to death. I’m sure there will be rioting in the streets. To over throw our left wing socialists parties. Then we can put our own rules in, let these muslims know. When in Rome you do as the Romans do. Anything else is undermining our values, freedom, & democracy. If you don’t like it go back to your muslims brother countries. Who will not let you in, if they do. What is there to offer. Never heard once in my life. “I’m moving to a muslim country to raise my kids.”

  2. Just pretend it never happened. This is a small gang of Islamofascist teens terrorizing a 10 year old kid. Next time this happens, the kid should kill all those other bastards with a .44 Magnum. This was a planned terror attack. It doesn’t “seem to show” the bastards chasing and beating and kicking the kid while he screams for mercy. It Actually shows it. Are we supposed to think the video is faked? I don’t think so.

    We should realize that these kids could have killed the smaller kid very easily. Another year, and someone will be dead by these stinking thugs. I don’t care what age they are. Get them in the system and protect that little guy until he gets “locked and loaded.” This kind of stuff is happening all over the planet now, thanks to 1.2 Billion Muzzies and their apologists and co-conspirators in high office. It’s time for it to stop, and stop short. We need to get down to it. This terrorism needs to get some pushback from the good guys, and in a big way.

    This is intolerable. Schoolyard fights happen all the time. This is beyond just a simple altercation. It is condoned and backed by an entire huge community of Islamofascist scum, and supported by their “holy” Koran, which is really just garbage. Islam is bad news. Stop letting our kids be terrorized like this. Stop letting our communities be terrorized like this, with car burnings all over Europe and uncontrolled vandalism and murders. It’s completely intolerable and has to be crushed by the people and by the military forces. Islamists will be forced to choose between their childhood religiofascist programming and doing the right thing.

  3. Beat all their asses out of our countries, chase them back to their own.
    If I saw this on the street, I’d beat the living hell out of them. Garbage race!

  4. If I saw a boat full of people in distress, my inclination would be to help them. But after seeing WHO they are and knowing WHERE they come from, and seeing HOW they trash a country and its people and anyone who tries to help them, I NOW BELIEVE that anyone who allows them into their country are committing SUICIDE, and surely even charitable organizations must see that. Even THEY must believe that supporting such chaos and destruction is immoral. The only way to stop the world from being overrun by cockroaches is to let them drown. That is what these people act like: vermin, to be exterminated.

    • If I saw this in real life in thrount of me I would get a gun and shoot this horrible people who don’t deserve to be in this world if I was that poor kid I would of killed them the Muslims are taking over are country were all going to be dead if we don’t make a stop to it now

  5. “BRITAIN: Little Muslim savages beat the crap out of a 10-year-old British kid for allegedly calling them a name”.

    Apparently the Mentality of “Sick Minded” 7th Century Muslim Savages, who Unfortunately are still allowed to “Breed” in the 21st Century, IS Contagious and spreading to their equally Sick Minded “Human Spawn”.

    And FORTUNATELY, the Video that apparent Muslim Pandering and Sympathizing “West Yorkshire Police would like to ask the public to refrain from posting a video of an alleged attack on a youth” – was STILL Posted.

  6. A couple of questions for the Muslims out there that thinks there ways are so great 1) can you name one Muslim run country you would like to live in/ bring a family up ?
    2) also name one Muslim run country that takes in Muslim refugees and Hines them houses , money , education , Heath service , and more . ?

  7. If I saw a group of illiterate, hostile, aggressive people wandering in my neighborhood, I WOULDN’T invite them to enter my home.
    But this very thing is happening by Western governments all over.

  8. UK Police? Maybe this statement was released by one of the head-bangers and arselifters aka muSlime posing as police officers

    • According to the Koran ole Muhammad married a child of six called Ashia. The 54 year old mo had sex with her when she turned nine. This makes the prophet a pedophile in any ones book. So how do Muslims justify worshipping a pedophile?

  9. Muslim children are not taught anything about true honor and integrity. It is not honorable for older kids to gang up on a much younger kid. A one on one fight between equal sized boys is fair but this was just dishonorable wicked bullying. Heck, the mud slime kids have probably witnessed barbaric and cruel halal butchering and probably plenty of violent barbaric Sharia punishments, are brainwashed against all non-muslimes with hearts full of hate from birth. They and their families should be stripped of citizenship and sent to a mud slime country. Their upbringing has dehumanized them.

    Mud slimes have a completely backward view of right and wrong, honor and dishonor. They cannot possibly be expected to act like reasonable, normal people. They find “honor in murdering their own family members if they disagree with the way the person acts and speaks. If a daughter is raped, they blame her and murder her as if that could possibly erase the rape. How backwards is that? No honor in murder. There could be honor in being her hero and helping her heal, but they are incapable of acting like normal thoughtful human beings.

    They claim it’s honorable to commit suicide while murdering and maiming innocent people. Just ass backwards is the way they think. They don’t think spousal physical, sexual and emotional abuse are cowardly acts.

    They need to all be deported. They refuse to evolve to this century. They refuse to learn from history and current observation. They are brainwashed into violence from birth.

    Western societies look down on lying and think it dishonorable. Muslims prophet told them to lie when they want to deceive infidels.

    Muslim have no honor to uphold or defend.

  10. About 2 years ago i was standing at the bus stop(in Glasgow)and there were 4 muslims standing,anyway one of them said something cheeky to me,as their were 4 of them i bit my tongue,a month or two later i saw the bloke with a white female girlfriend and i went for him,squealed like a pig he did all the time pleading,what have i done,there cowardly scum who only scream allahs snackbar when there,s a team of them.

    • A couple of years ago I went to watch a movie at cineworld in wood green, London. I have an unlimited card but at the time, it wasn’t allocated seating like it is now and there are like 12 or 14 screens in the cinema complex so once you were in, provided you knew what time the next movie you wanted to watch started, you could probably basically have moved around watching movie after movie. I was watching a late afternoon show sitting a few rows from the back when about half way through the movie, a huge group of Somali teenagers came in, plonked themselves at the back and started shouting, being disruptive, playing with their phones. They had clearly not paid to watch that movie and were just causing trouble. At one point, I told them that if they didn’t want to watch the movie, they should take their party elsewhere. I mean they were loud and we could hardly hear anything. A second after my comment, I was met with a barrage of abuse and insults and there were people there, who probably paid to watch. I had the card and in theory could watch it again or elsewhere but while I was being abused and threatened, not one person intervened or said anything. Grown men sitting in uncomfortable silence while a woman was being abused by a bunch of hateful aggressive teenagers. I didn’t even bother to complain to the staff because most of them are muslim so I thought it would be a waste of time. As much as I wanted to, i didn’t leave the cinema as I felt it would be giving in and at the end, I made sure they left before me because I feared having a knife shoved into my back. I have been in movies before where people have reported disruptive people but I guess because they are muslim, they are left to do as they please. A friend of mine upon learning that I had confronted them, told me I was absolutely MAD to say anything because they resort to violence. Sorry for the essay but there you have it. If people don’t defend their own countries, no one will do it for them. These people are arrogant because they are untouchable. Not a good situation for law abiding citizens to find themselves in.

  11. O/T? From the same paper. That kid was lucky:

    “A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a teacher was stabbed in front of pupils in a classroom, police said.
    The 14-year-old boy allegedly attacked the male teacher – named locally as science teacher Vincent Uzomah, from Leeds – with a knife smuggled into school.”

    He’s a black guy, maybe that’s the reason?

    Sudden Jihad Syndrome, anyone? So we know it can happen at 14.
    What is the youngest reported incidence of SJS?

    All in all, this sounds like a much better school for the 0’bitch to visit.

  12. “Police would like to ask the public to refrain from posting a video of an alleged attack on a youth, which is believed to have occurred in Bradford.”

    Hmmm. Now, why would the police make that request? Unless…they feel the need to cover-up for MUSLIMS–to protect THEM rather than their own citizens? Or…are they afraid of a (rightful) “backlash” from those citizens? I mean, things could get out-of-control here–we can’t have that. So, suppress the video and suppress the (rightfully) outraged victims! Gotta’ keep the lid on these things…

    I think that when your own police–sworn to defend and protect you–turn on you in favor of muslim criminals? Yep, you’re getting pretty far up Shit Creek…

  13. Judge: oh your poor persecuted oppressed little peaceful muslims boys. I can see its all b/c of how society treats you and your lack of opportunities due to a racist Britain. You didn’t mean to do it did you??

    Filth: no ma’am. we promise we wont do it again.

    Judge: well i can see you are really the victims here. he called you nasty names like muslims or something. so i can understand your reaction. You’re FREE to go. just be good next time. Praise Allah !!

    Filth – at the Mosque (of love): LOL. dumb ass judge. stupid dhimmi socialist bitch. we got off again, scott free !! Praise Allah. Death to Britain. Islam will dominate the world. Yes to Sharia everywhere. Kill the infidels. Allahu Akbar @!!

  14. In thecearly 70’s traveling on the London Tube I observed a couple of Muslims leering and mocking the English passengers. Nobody blinked. Muslims have come a long way since then.

  15. Police don’t want that type of radicalism to be broadcast, if it is they can’t sweep the PC under the rug. Why are police, media, and gov. so afraid of these filfty Muslims?
    They keep allowing them to migrate to the West, here in North America also thanks to old LBJ he wanted some brown skins here to vote for the Democrats, include old
    Ted Kennedy in that little deal as well.

  16. if brits can’t carry guns (or tasers?) at least all non-muslim brits should pick up martial arts

    i feel bad for the boy but i wish he put up more of a fight

    • I completely agree!! I am south African and I have worked hard to be allowed into the UK, I work and pay taxes. Yet Muslims can do whatever they please! It makes me so angry to see these Muslims spitting on the country that has given them everything! Get out of the UK we don’t want you!!

  17. Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Brown and Cameron are personally responsible for every violent physical savage attack, every rape, every gang rape, every torture, every sexual enslavement of Britain’s little white non-Muslim girls by Muslims.

    Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Brown and Cameron are to blame. They colonised our tiny nation with Muslims from the huge Muslim Third World.

    With the full knowledge that the Quran commands Muslims to wage violent jihad against the world’s non-Muslims until all infidels are conquered and enslaved under barbaric sharia…..

    The traitors sold their souls and sold out our people and nation to global Islam.

    God will hold them accountable for their terrible crime and great sin against Him.

    Our Islam-adoring leaders are possessed with an all-consuming hate for our white Christian people. END the WICKED, RELIGIOUS and RACIST HATE for OUR WHITE, CHRISTIAN PEOPLE!

    ‘Too many White Christian faces in Britain’ says David Cameron

    • I’m sorry but does not this site among many others each and every day show the world how the muzzie is trying to undermine and coerce the American public to be more sharia compliant and islamic ‘tolerant’.

      I’m assuming that you are an American so can you please explain to this ‘pussy’ Britain oh great keyboard warrior exactly what you are doing yourself to prevent this from occurring besides making derogative and pointless posts on website comment boards.

      As too myself I stand on the front lines of the EDL and The Infidels of Britain. I also support financially Britain First. I only disclose this as I know that you will try too belittle me somehow, so I thought that I would provide my credentials first.

      If you really believe us Britons to be ‘pussies’ then you are a very deluded individual
      who hasn’t the foggiest notion of how the British fight back against the cancer that is islam.

  18. And yet, no one is calling this a hate crime. The little infidel must have provoked those innocent Muslim boys. Even if he did call them a name, does that justify the beating?

  19. hey England; If you can’t beat these cowardly punks asses now while you outnumber them 30-1… well ahhh…..I’d say unless you get a backbone … your done like dinner.

    • We could very well say the same of you but we don’t. Why is that I wonder? Maybe it’s because we have a common enemy and need to stand together on this. Not resort to cheap shots and slanderous comments to justify your own inadequacy’s.

  20. The individual filming the scene while laughing should be arrested and the two Muslim mini-jihadis put into Youth Protection Services.

    • Immediately end their free money, welfare benefits and social housing. STOP REWARDING THE MONSTERS.

      The violent jihadis must be deported back to their hell hole Muslim countries along with their entire families.

      The parasites can laugh or cry, when infidels no longer financially support them.

      Sick of the violent, God-hater bastards.

  21. Why would the police say not to post this video!! Because they are too slack to arrest this filthy Moslem scumbags thats why. If this was a british boy attacking a Moslem they would have already been arrested, the moslems would be in the streets protesting, come on UK get out on the streets and demand action. Also share share share this video. The UK police are a joke

    • Why did the police not want the video posted? Two reasons, they wanted to hide the fact that the filth attackers were Muslims and second, they didn’t want their darling Muslim criminals caught.

      The punishment to be given in court: “Don’t do it again. You Muslims might get hurt.”

      • Actually, because followers of Islam so easily resort to violence and aggression, western leaders, unable to cope believe that protecting them and not further ” insulting” them with the truth or facts (because Muslims absolutely hate those) erroneously believe that that will keep the peace. They are appeasing instead of taking action but through this appeasement, they are unwittingly admitting that islam is a violent ideology. No other religion relies on a lying 24/7/365 media and PR campaign to try and paint it as a religion of peace. That prize goes exclusively to islam. Hopefully even those with their heads in the clouds will soon wake up to the horror that is islam. After all,they are hateful and intolerant in their countries of origin and we must be seriously mad or deluded to believe that that miraculously changes just because they cross the borders into civilised countries. Ofcourse, there are those who immigrate hoping to escape all this and all those that shout islamophobia is encouraging their vile treatment in our countries where we in theory have the rule of law that should be protecting them. The more this escalates, the closer we are to resolving it however resolution will involve war and bloodshed but what is the alternative. In Italy, people are starting to mobilize as Italian populations feel sold out by their treasonous government who has imposed thousands of violent Islamic savages on them. I’m hoping that italy will seek an exit strategy and that it will be the start of the collapse of the fascist EU. This. Cannot continue like this and we cannot admit turkey, Albania and Bosnia into the mix. That will just seal our fate under Islamic Sharia law.

  22. Racially motivated hate crime! But don’t hold your breath waiting for these inbred little savages to be charged with ANYTHING! Typical muzzrat “modus operandi” too…………….. they never attack unless they outnumber and outsize their victim………………. what COWARDS!

    • mohamed himself was a coward, hiding behind his men and promising them reservations in jannat to take care of his enemies and in battle wear a double coat of heavy armour. now this was the same guy who said he’d like to be martyred and come back to life again and again so he can fight in the cause of his self ego allah.
      (Read Bukhari 54:24)
      his followers are of the same mentality but cowards