OBAMA LIES! Kurds blast him for taking credit for Kurd victory over ISIS in which the U.S. played no role

Obama-ISIS-259x180With little to no assistance from the United States and Obama refusing to supply them with the heavy weapons they so desperately need, the Kurds are kicking some serious ISIS butt. Associated Press reports that Kurdish fighters Kurdish fighters have gained full control of Tal Abyad, a city near the Turkish border.


This victory against ISIS thugs has cut off key supply lines to the newly minted capital of ISIS located in Raqqa. However, almost immediately, White House Press Secretary JoshEarnest issued a “you-didn’t-build-that” statement, for the hard-fought victory in a war that isn’t a war against an Islamic foe that isn’t Islamic.

Washington Times  The White House claimed credit Tuesday for a victory by Kurdish fighters over the Islamic State in northern Syria, saying the battlefield success is a direct result of military decisions by President Obama late last year.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the triumph by Syrian Kurds in the town of Tal Abyad “is actually a direct consequence of an earlier military operation that President Obama ordered” to break the siege of the Syrian city of Kobani last fall. (LIAR)


“Because of the president’s decision to order the air drop of significant resources and equipments and reinforcements, and because we were able to work with Turkey to allow for additional forces to enter that city, we saw that coalition … backed by coalition airstrikes, of course … drive [the Islamic State] out of Khobani,” he said. “And over the last several months, those forces have steadily driven east across northern Syria.”