COLORADO SPRINGS: Infidel Bikers Club to host a barbecue and pig roast this weekend

halal-pigFlyers promoting an anti-Islam themed ‘Ramadan Barbecue and Pig Roast,’ to be held this weekend at the headquarters of the Colorado Springs Infidel Biker Club, appear to antagonize Muslims, openly declaring the event as being held “in defiance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.” About 150 or more are expected to attend.


Infidels Motorcycle Club


KOAA  The sheriff’s office does not expect there to be any violence as a result of the pig roast. “They are a veteran group and their flyer is a little bit antagonistic but again they have the right to protest anything that they want to and that’s one of the benefits of being an American.”

Muslims who observe the month long fasting ritual began to do so on Wednesday. The leaflets also show a picture of a scantily clad woman in a bathing suit wearing a Niqab head covering as well as a meme with writing that implies Muslim men are pedophiles.


The flyers were posted recently posted on a bulletin board at Fort Carson. The Mountain Post said in a statement to News 5 that commanders are investigating the posting of the flyers but cannot discuss specifics of their investigation. They added that the message of the flyers is contrary to Army Values.

“The command expects every individual to contribute to a culture in which our Soldiers, civilians and Family members can reach their full potential with infinite dignity and worth,” the statement read. The Army notified the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office of the upcoming event.


“It’s not uncommon for different law enforcement agencies and military installations to to share intelligence of events that are happening in their jurisdictions,” said spokesperson Jacqueline Kirby.

The website for the Infidels Motorcycle Club states they were first organized among a small group of American security contractors in Iraq back in 2006. The club has chapters operating 11 states and a similar pig roast is planned for next month in Alabama.