DENMARK, SWEDEN, & NETHERLANDS are the easiest EU countries to invade for armies of Muslim illegal aliens and the violent jihadists among them

Some 185,000 (mostly Muslim) illegals applied for asylum in an EU country in the first quarter of 2015, up 90% from the previous year, new figures reveal.


Breitbart  According to the EU’s statistics agency Eurostat the number of people seeking asylum has more than doubled as conflicts continue to rage in countries such as Syria and Libya.

Denmark accepted 87% of all asylum applications within its borders. Sweden and the Netherlands also let in the vast majority of asylum seekers, granting 73 and 71% of applications respectively. The only nations stricter than Britain with 34% are France with 27%, Spain with 20% and Poland, which approved just 17% of asylum requests.


However, there are large disparities in the proportion of migrants from various nationalities who are given approval. Those from Syria have the best luck, with 94% of all asylum applications within the EU being accepted, compared to Kosovars and Serbians, of whom just 1% receive approval.

Europe has also seen a rise in the number of Eritreans trying to enter the continent, which comes as no surprise given the 90 per cent have their applications approved. Iraqis are also favoured, with 88 per cent being granted asylum.


EU countries are now fighting over how to deal with the huge influx, with disagreements over a proposal to force member states to take quotas of the migrants who come ashore in Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean nations.

The plan looks set to fail, however, with Britain, France and Spain, among others, threatening to either veto or simply disobey the move.

But even that isn’t enough. Africans protest on the French-Italian border town of Ventimiglia, demanding the EU open its borders to anyone who wants to become a squatter there.