DENMARK, SWEDEN, & NETHERLANDS are the easiest EU countries to invade for armies of Muslim illegal aliens and the violent jihadists among them

Some 185,000 (mostly Muslim) illegals applied for asylum in an EU country in the first quarter of 2015, up 90% from the previous year, new figures reveal.


Breitbart  According to the EU’s statistics agency Eurostat the number of people seeking asylum has more than doubled as conflicts continue to rage in countries such as Syria and Libya.

Denmark accepted 87% of all asylum applications within its borders. Sweden and the Netherlands also let in the vast majority of asylum seekers, granting 73 and 71% of applications respectively. The only nations stricter than Britain with 34% are France with 27%, Spain with 20% and Poland, which approved just 17% of asylum requests.


However, there are large disparities in the proportion of migrants from various nationalities who are given approval. Those from Syria have the best luck, with 94% of all asylum applications within the EU being accepted, compared to Kosovars and Serbians, of whom just 1% receive approval.

Europe has also seen a rise in the number of Eritreans trying to enter the continent, which comes as no surprise given the 90 per cent have their applications approved. Iraqis are also favoured, with 88 per cent being granted asylum.


EU countries are now fighting over how to deal with the huge influx, with disagreements over a proposal to force member states to take quotas of the migrants who come ashore in Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean nations.

The plan looks set to fail, however, with Britain, France and Spain, among others, threatening to either veto or simply disobey the move.

But even that isn’t enough. Africans protest on the French-Italian border town of Ventimiglia, demanding the EU open its borders to anyone who wants to become a squatter there.

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  1. I sat right next to a large group of Dutch soccer fans last night at a World Cup game, great people. Funny and decent folks. I feel bad they are losing their country and culture due to these Muslim scum.

  2. The winning parties of our recent elections in Denmark have campaigned on reinstating bordercontrol, reducing the amount and allowance of asylumseekers. I’m hoping they hurry up and form the new government so things can start to change!

  3. pretty sure Europe`s fucked , but here in Australia we got half a chance and when we see Europe falling into civil religious war our government will be forced to close the borders to all muslims and ban the false pedo religion.

  4. My comment on the WND.COM article,
    ‘Mayors in cahoots with Obama on ‘new American’ voters’

    Massive numbers of illegals easily crossed America’s deliberately left unguarded border – people with highly contagious, dangerous diseases, criminals, thieves, rapists, murderers, violent gang members, drug cartels and TERRORISTS and more recently, ISIS savages.

    The terrorists will have set up sleeper cells all over North America, waiting for the signal to attack hated Americans. Most likely the terrorists will have contacted the many Muslim terrorist training camps all over America that are ALLOWED by the government.

    Giving fast track to U.S. citizenship to these people who are regarded as highly desirable by American leaders is a top priority of the regime.

    This is what the New World Order globalists are doing in Britain and Europe.

  5. The fine-sounding but sinister Global Forum on Migration and Development
    has one Peter Sutherland at its head. He sneers that we British
    “still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.”
    How disgraceful.
    That is a problem to him.
    “And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”
    Now we know.

  6. Hey Bonni
    Belgium also, we have a leftist multicultural friendly governement who’s only concern is how to stop the right wing iIslamophobic voter.
    We have only ONE party —> Vlaams Belang who knows the danger from the islam but the majority of the voters are plain stupid and think thatislam is not dangerous.

    • Billionaire Globalists George Soros, Bill Gates, Rockefeller….?
      Mayors in cahoots with Obama on ‘new American’ voters
      Cities signing contracts with feds to ease path to citizenship

      New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has launched a new “ID cards for illegals” program that will make it easier for aliens to use city services such as public libraries, parks and museums and, critics say, to vote in elections.

      Part of the “new Americans” agenda includes setting up “citizenship corners” in public libraries where immigrants will be coached on how to navigate the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

      Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch pointed out, the identification card basically grants the ability for undocumented immigrants over the age of 14 to gain access to city services and financial opportunities otherwise off limits. Armed with the card, illegals can rent an apartment, provide an ID to police and open a banking account, so long as they can prove residency in one of the city’s five boroughs.

      “It doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “We’re talking about criminal aliens … and here we have the city of New York aiding and abetting criminal activity.”

      Fitton said pro-amnesty advocates love the card because it “makes it easier for [illegals] to vote and to register to vote.” At the same time, he also warned: Someone affiliated with ISIS could simply cross into America via the porous border with Mexico and obtain the New York City card.

      City Council members, meanwhile, touted the card as a terrific way for upholding New York’s diversity and multicultural atmosphere.

      Flush with cash from Gates, Rockefeller, Soros foundations

      And that’s exactly what the White House is looking for.

      Among the key partners in the White House’s “diversity” movement are Welcoming America, the Migration Policy Institute, La Raza, and the National Partnership for New Americans.

      The White House Task Force on New Americans announced its report in April at the Migration Policy Institute or MPI in Washington, D.C. This think tank has received funding from a host of globalist and open-borders interests including billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Institute, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Corp. of New York, the JM Kaplan Fund of New York and the Public Welfare Foundation, among others, according to Discover the Networks…..

  7. Sweden even offers a monthly handout of several hundred kroner to thse approved for “asylum” in that country.

  8. Too little too late. The insanity continues as countries accepting muslum immigrants do cultural suicide. America has way too many muslums now so part of the good news is that the monster muslums are not all wanting to come to America and we can see, as we have already seen in countries destroyed by muslum immigration, what happens when the number of muslum monsters increase exponentially. Perhaps some of the Jews and other wonderful immigrants who enhance countries with their immigration, will leave these becoming muslum hell holes and come to America leaving no room for monsters of islum.

    • America’s saving grace is the citizens ‘ right to bear arms and form militias. Recent Pew Survey shows 90% of population has at least one gun and they think that’s under reporting. There truly is an armed citizen behind every blade of grass. Then, we have those solid biker dudes coming out. When I see these I can’t help but wonder where the men are in Europe? Not the politicians, but the men who will come out in defense of their women and children. My ignorance may be showing, but has Europe emasculated all of its men? Where are they?

    • Dutch Defense League/Raffie Chohan made a speech in Frankfurt against ISLAM and for our Freedom “WIEDERSTAND OST/WEST” I did the speech in the German language and I ended with a poem about SHARIA what i wrote myself. The poem is in English, hope you can read or translate the speech. Here is my speech:Hallo Frankfurt und Deutsche Freunde.

      (RC, speech deleted. You are not allowed to post a long speech here in German without providing an English translation. And I do not like poems.–BNI)

      SHARIA is a bloody shame

      Muslim men are to blame

      Why dont they love their wife

      And like to stone them alive!

      Sharia here, Sharia there

      Sharia everywhere,

      Filth is not wanted in the West,

      Our FREEDOM we like best!

      We must have the sharia as law.

      We are now in the devil’s claw

      No judge more but an imam.

      Yummy halal food instead of ham

      Non-Muslims burn in Hell and we are not wise.

      Every martyr waits 72 virgins in heavenly paradise