Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands federal hate crime investigation for graffiti found “inside” a Muslim’s home in Iowa

CAIR-IowaAlleged ‘hate speech’ was spray-painted inside a Muslim-owned Cedar Rapids home, prompting a local Muslim Brotherhood front group (CAIR) chapter to call for a hate crime investigation….when it is not even clear that it wasn’t put there by Muslims themselves to get publicity and sympathy…as has been the case so many times before.

Des Moines Register  The Iowa chapter CAIR- Council on American-Islamic Relations reported that the apparently bias-motivated vandalism read “Fuck Muslim” and “you will be killed here,” according to a news release. (Oh so similar to the kind of graffiti that muslims always use themselves)


When a representative from the chapter went to view the damage, they were called a “raghead” and “fuckin’ Muslim” by a local resident, the release states. The house is apparently located blocks away from a mosque (aka jihad training center).

Miriam Amer, executive director of CAIR, told the Register that thefts have been ongoing at the home in the 1100 block of Sixth Street Northwest for the past two years, but the hate messages appeared within the last month. Maria Johnson with the Cedar Rapids Police Department confirmed they are currently investigating the incident as a hate crime and increased patrol around the area and near the mosque.

“The apparent bias motive for this vandalism should be investigated by state and federal law enforcement authorities. The perpetrators should be apprehended and face the full force of the law,” Amer said in the release. “This and other recent incidents targeting American Muslims and their institutions should be viewed in the context of the overall rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in American society.”

If you need proof that radical Islam is spread across the country, look no further than Iowa’s Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids (photos below), whose extremism is plain for all to see online. The mosque blames “ultra-conservative Christians” for causing terrorism.


The ICCR’s website happily tells the story of how Muslims from across the world came to America from all sorts of backgrounds in the early 1950s. It mentions “moderate terrorist groups like” the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in Kuwait named Islah; the Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan and the Muslim Brotherhood of Sudan.

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The website praises how “radical groups like the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Takfir al-Hijra (an Al-Qaeda affiliate) and Hezbollah, banned in many Muslim countries for their support of violent Jihad, were able to come to the U.S. In the past, the website linked to Al-Haramain, a Saudi charity that fundraised for Al-Qaeda. Read More

The same CAIR group called upon these agencies on Feb. 27 when a hateful letter was left at an Darul Argum Islamic Center in Ames. The letter read, “To all Fuck Muslims” was written on the envelope. Inside, a note read: “We will burn all of you; leave our country; we hate you,” according to a news release from the chapter.