FRENCH MAYOR still under fire for advocating a total ban on Islam and deportation of Muslims

This was before today’s RAMADAN JIHAD –  the latest Muslim terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, not to mention Syria and Somalia. Will all the leftist apologists for Islam change their opinion now? Not a chance, they need to feel more pain…a lot more pain!

French police arrest wife of one of the terrorists

French police arrest woman who could be the wife of one of the terrorists

Sputnik News  Robert Chardon, the mayor of a small town in southeastern France, has gained media infamy and the ire of the conservative Union for a Popular Movement party after tweeting that France must ban the Islamic faith and send Muslims back where they came from. 

Chadron, the mayor of Venelles, a town with 8,000 residents, gained media attention for an offensive tweet he made earlier this week, where he stated “We Must ban the Muslim faith in France.”


Chardon’s anti-Islam message was heavily criticized by twitter users, who soon turned the comments to his tweets into a flame war. One user sarcastically proposed “to ban idiocy in France,” while another noted that “In France, everyone is free to choose whether or not to believe in God, and that’s just fine!”, a third saying that he was “glad not to live in your **** town!”

Chardon went on to raise further controversy, telling Le Monde later in the week that Muslims should practice their religion “in their country of origin” and proposing that France create the equivalent of a Marshall Plan and send Muslims back to the Maghreb.


Making clear that his hate was directed at Muslims, rather than against immigrants in general, Chardon noted that France should welcome more of its Christian ‘brothers’ from the Middle East, and proposing that France discard its 1905 secularism laws and “promote the practice of the Christian faith.”

Arguing that his idea came to him as an epiphany when he took sick leave to be treated for mouth cancer, Chardon is convinced that kicking Muslims out of France and banning the religion is “the only solution for most of France’s problems.”


Several UMP leaders have already called Chardon’s comments “inexcusable,” with the party saying it now plans to kick him out. The mayor could also soon be held liable for his remarks under France’s hate speech laws.

France has long faced problems of xenophobia and “racism” (What ‘race’ is Islam) toward its Muslim population, now estimated to comprise five million people. Anti-Muslim sentiment has been exacerbated over the past months following a series of deadly terror attacks by radical Islamists, most notably in Paris this past January.

The solution? French leftists and socialists think France needs fewer churches and more mosques!


Sputnik News  In a move that is nothing less than pure insanity, the public outcry against the unchecked growth of France’s Muslim population has prompted the country’s leadership to attempt to “demonstrate to the world that France and Islam are fully compatible”; Muslim leaders, in their turn, have suggested that turning empty or abandoned Catholic churches into mosques could be the best example.


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  1. Always room for one more candidate. Don’t worry about him being French. At least HE can prove where he was born.
    I would vote for him on the basis of outlawing anything islamic.

  2. I think it is absolutely no possible. There are full of muslims in the France. Rest of believers eighter relative of Muslims or there are keen relationship with Muslims. Muslims are controlling election based everything like government. So no sooner you will see there is a Muslim president in France.

    • Lily, there is a great deal of truth in your perception. I can see a reverse Algerian War with the Muslim settlers being neutralized. Who knows. It’s so faked up. At the end of the day I can’t see a Frenchman or any people in Europe accepting any level of dhimmitude from these racist illiterate inbreeding inferiors. It’s just not possible Keep the faith and check to make sure it’s not a Nazi ideology disguised as a vicious controlling hateful cult.

  3. The questions is, will the people of Europe fight to save their continent from being violently forced into being a 100% Sharia compliant hell on earth, or will the citizens of Europe revolt against their own governments and the ”The New World Order” to defeat Sharia Law.

  4. next time france gets into trouble do not call the US for help we shavewdyour ass for Hitler we will not do it again bunch a political a-hole french politicans burn

  5. In his tweet he actually says the CULT of islam. Bully for him.
    Leave it to the frogs to put one of the sane ones in a psychiatric hospital.

  6. I think the left …. looks at Muslims …. as a force they can use …. in their struggle to promote socialism …. they have kind of given up on complacent blacks …. Muslims are more active and mischievous …. and hungry !

  7. We muslims have no god but prophet muhammad’s Penis named Allah, who gave him all the revelations in the Koran, and muhammad is his Penis’ messenger.

    نحن المسلمون لا إله إلا النبي محمد القضيب اسمه الله، الذي قدم له كل آيات في القرآن الكريم، وأن محمدا القضيب ‘رسول.

  8. All support for Mayor Robert Chardon. Well done and well stated. The truth is the truth. ‘The emporer has no clothes’, was what the boy said and finally all realized that the truth is the truth. France must ban muslum immigration, deport all illegal muslums, and send the rest back to where they came from. How much more pain and suffering must France and the other countries take before the ‘right’ parties win every election? At 5 million muslums it is almost too late for France to stay French with the high birth rate of muslums the most common name for new babies will be mo ham mad as it is in the UK.

  9. I take exception to your characterization of leftists as apologists for islam. leftists are supporters of islam. muslims are just another weapon used by leftists in the quest for world-wide domination.

  10. He probably has a lot more supporters than is being made known what with all the censorship. Can’t have anyone digressing from the party line and speaking the truth. Reminds me of that children’s story, “The Emperor Has No Clothes. ” All of our western “leaders ” are naked yet they want us to believe they are clothed in the most splendid array imaginable. Pfft!

  11. US veterans need to orgaize militias against obamas cronies before this shite reaches tat point in the USA. Hide weapons and ammo to be ready to protect yourself and your family. There are enough weapons to give them serious pause in the US. Burn korans publicly to serve notice that moslems are never going to be permitted to control us.

    • CW Orange:Its not Obama that we must defeat in order to prevent Sharia Law from destroying the USA. As Michael Savage said, it very well might come down to a civil war with brother fighting brother and father fighting son to save our republic from Sharia .

  12. It’s amazing that when someone lays out THE,HARSH EMBARRASING, TRUTH AND REALITY ABOUT iSLAM all the do gooders, naysayers, bleeding hearts step up to the plate in an effort to shut them down.
    The only way we will (those of us who want to) control the insidious creeping evil of islam is by fallowing the example set by Chardron, Mayor of Vanelles. He is taking a hard line, the only approach that disrupts islam; islam sees all our other efforts at peaceful solutions as a sign of weakness that they can, and constantly do exploit.
    Congratulations to Chardron. If more like him surface we might still have a fighting chance.

  13. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it was announced on the news today (the next item after the three atrocities were reported), that the EU have agreed to share out more than 40,000 refugees who have washed up in Italy and Greece!!

      • And that is worldwide, that every one agreeing With this french Mayor, stand together and demands these prehistoric creatures sent back home, to a country which is islamic ruled already. (But an islamic country is a barbaric one, with No room for lazyness. U have to earn ur money, and No one takes from the countries origin habitants to feed some worthless slaves of an so-called God, which is so unimportant, that the pedifull slaves worships the phedophile ‘prophet’ which had so small a penis, that it needed to marry and fuck little girls).
        fuck Islam, and all u leftiest who apearently h8 ur countrymen, since u can be so idiotic to take side with (P)islam.
        My advice: EVERYONE who takes side with Islam and is pedifull slaves, r to bedste sent with the muslems to the islamic countries, to feel om their own bodies, just how “peacefull” Islam really is.
        That should convince them, that Islam is murder, rape, eat, rape, myrder and then some more rape to go to sleep.
        I ppl have the idiotic view on tings regarding Islam, they need to feel first hand, why its idiotic to demand that normal People (aka infidels) can’t sleep next to wild animals.
        I u lay with dogs, u r bound to get fleas

    • Probably hundreds of thousands when you count all those relatives to follow. Has anyone noticed how disrespectful Muslims are. . If tthis insanity continues how could there not be a disaster around EVERY corner?

  14. I was listening to CNN in my car today and as a teaser before they went to break, the anchor said “Terror in France, Kuwait and Tunisia. Who’s responsible? Wel’ll tell you in a minute”. I mean, seriously? Who the hell wouldn’t know is was Islam?

  15. The Mayor is a HERO. Please God, bless and protect this courageous man.

    IMMIGRATION JIHAD, satanic atrocities and beheading infidels, slavery and sex slavery of non-Muslims is taught in the Quran and practiced for 1,400 years by devout Muslims.

    TRAITOR French Prime Minister Manuel Vallis in a forum with the theme ‘Republic and Islam: Together accept the challenge,’ said:

    “We must help Islam to grow and solidify its position in France.”

    The above declaration is one of the most TREASONOUS declarations ever spoken in all of history.

    • Jade you asked who wouldn’t know its Islam. Well all you have to do is look at how the schools are brainwashing our young skulls of Mush into thinking Islam is the best thing to come to America since sliced bread. You don’t seen anything negative on the liberal news media sites. They continue to white wash anything negative about the Muzzies. Our Muslim in Chief Obama has full control of most of the media. Thats why he hates Fox news. He hasn’t got them under his control yet.

  16. Things will not change till many many more innocent lives are lost. Why allow Moslems in your christian countries when they are so many persecuted christian refugees needing ayslum?

    • Western leaders are extremely happy that innocent Christians are being savagely slaughtered by Muslims.

      Western political elite God-haters identify with barbaric Islam and HATE Christians and Jews. It’s why traitor Western leaders massively import Muslims and BAR entry of Christians desperate to escape severe Muslim persecution.

  17. BRAVE, COURAGEOUS man. Exemplary. May God keep him safe and well for many years to come, and continue to be a voice of desperately needed sanity in France.

    I think you’re right, BNI, about the Left needing to feel A LOT more pain. In their pocketbooks, in their stomachs, in their bodies and minds. All that unrighteous indignation has a way of flying right out of the window when conditions are right.

    If only the French who have stood up for France against the prevailing suicidal Islamic winds don’t have to share the agony.

    • The left is in utter, complete denial. They are incapable of seeing the truth. They will always blame all of their pain on normal people and institutions. They’ll still be spewing the same old Muslim love as Muslims are sawing their heads off. All of it derives from self loathing and self loathing is limitless.

      And, of course, their Muslim love really has nothing at all to do with Muslims. Muslims are only their tool to enhance their own sanctimony, narcissism and grandiosity as the three primary camouflages of their self loathing.