What does it say about Europe when the identity of a national hero who helps thwart a Muslim terrorist attack has to be concealed for fear of reprisals from the Muslim fifth column?

“Help me protect the identity of this person,” insisted police chief, “I believe his personal safety is at stake!”


DMF  The suspect was arrested shortly after the attack. It was a fireman from the SDIS of Isère (Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours) [Municipal Fire and Emergency Service] who was called on to control the fire and explosion who “neutralized him with a lot of courage and sang-froid” declared Bernard Cazeneuve.

This fireman, whose identity is, today, being kept secret to protect him, “proceeded to incapacitate” this individual, said the Minister of the Interior. Bernard Cazeneuve insisted on thanking him as well as his colleagues for the “promptness and efficiency of this intervention”.   

The Isère chief of police Jean-Paul Bonnetain, emphasised the courage of the fireman: “the suspect defended himself and the fireman was slightly injured. But he took control of the situation and he was able to hand the Muslim terrorist over to the police.”  

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