Oh, NOES! UK Muslims are expressing outrage after supermarket dares to place pork products under Ramadamadingdong promotion sticker


Stunned Muslim shoppers spot pigs in blankets and ham sandwiches being sold under Ramadan stickers at Morrisons and lose their pathetic little inbred minds!

UK Daily Mail (h/t Ros L)  Morrisons has come under fire for selling pork products under Ramadan promotional stickers, in the second such hysterical supermarket gaffe in a matter of days. Ramadan is the’holy’ month for Islam, which forbids the consumption of pork products.


But supermarket staff across the country are being called out for religious blunders, as another ‘disappointed’ shopper published photos of the mistake.

Shoaib Khan spotted the sticker on a freezer containing pigs in blankets and other pork products. The 32-year-old shopper, who is currently observing Ramadan, told the Express: ‘I don’t think it’s offensive but it’s disappointing. If you’re going to do something like that you need to do it properly. ‘They need to be careful about this sort of thing.’ (NO, they don’t. YOU lunatics need to get out of Christian countries and return to your uncivilized muslim hellholes)

Another customer spotted the same label in a store in Bedford, this time advertising ham and cheese ciabattas. 


Twitter users were shocked by what has been called the insensitivity of the promotional stickers.  Morrisons defended itself, however, claiming that the sticker had been moved (stupid).

A spokesperson said: ‘Somebody appears to have moved the sticker before the photo was taken.


‘We can confirm that the Ramadan sticker is not near any pork products this week.’ Morrisons replied to a tweet from a customer, saying: ‘I am very sorry for this, we are currently looking into this.’ (Your Christian customers should boycott you for bowing to muslim demands)

The alleged “mistake” came just days after Tesco shamefacedly apologized (Why?) for advertising smokey bacon-flavoured Pringles while wishing shoppers a Happy Ramadan.  



Raza Hassan described the mistake, which she spotted in a branch in Liverpool Street, London, as ‘hilarious’. Although the crisps don’t actually contain pork, a number of pout raged Muslim Twitter users were still stunned by the mistake.  (But made a big stink about it anyway)

Mohammed Waqas described it as ‘stupidity at its best’ while Mona Al Qazzaz tweeted: ‘Please tell me this is a joke’. Another added: ‘That’s me completely lost for words’.

A Tesco spokesman admitted that the Pringles ‘weren’t in the most suitable place’.