TUNISIA: Video of Muslim terrorist attack on stupid EU tourists vacationing at a Muslim beach resort

Yesterday an Islamic State-linked terrorist attacked the Imperial Marhaba hotel and the Royal Kenz hotel in Sousse, Tunisia, killing 39 people, mainly tourists.  The AP reports that mainly German, British, and Belgian nationals were killed in the attack.

Heavy  The video shows mass chaos as gunfire erupts in the background. Dead bodies are seen strewn across various locations, from streets surrounding the resorts to dead beach-goer corpses.

Here is a partial translation of what is being said in Arabic:

0:40 “He died, he died!”
0:50 “He has– He has a bomb; HE HAS A BOMB”
1:25 “Come here!” (in quieter voice) “he’s about to give him a gun.. yeah look he’s about to give him a gun”
1:34 “Look.. the [people?] died..”
1:55 “Oh god”
2:03 “Look here, look here she didn’t die; Dad??”
2:33 [breathing heavily] “.. he’s still shooting!?”
2:44 [Yelling to people around] “He’s alone, HE’S ALONE ALONE ALONE”
there was a lot of background yelling and talking that i didn’t hear well or understand, feel free to correct me or add more. really such a tragedy.

An ISIS-linked Twitter account claims that Abu Yihya al-Kairouni carried out the murders. Although this just may be Rezgui’s nom de guerre. The attacker was killed by police.

And here we have several Muslim men surrounding an injured overweight woman in a pink bikini: