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  1. Wonder, if Barry’s muslim friend threw Barry’s gay friend from the top of the WH Dome, would the DOJ call it a hate crime?

  2. I wrote a comment in response to some pretty hateful remarks toward gay people by “Sonya” My comment was not obscene nor was it in any way pro Islamic. It was however sharp and to the point . More importantly it was entirely in the western tradition of free speech . It initially appeared with the others subject to “moderation”. When I checked up on it later it had been removed. I did notice however, that 1.) other vicious comments directed against gay people (not leftist gay people, but gay people in general) were still proudly displayed. 2.) The comment by the person labeled by you as a “leftist idiot “, as well as your response was still up and could be read by all. This forces me to conclude that the “leftist idiot” remains because his comments can be used as a straw man to be pilloried, whereas the principled remarks of a gay Christian conservative must be censored because they make you uncomfortable and cannot be as easily dismissed or refuted. This saddens me. I thought you were made of finer stuff than that.

  3. Not enough water in all the world to wash away that kind of filth. Only the previous blood of Jesus can cover that abominable degradation and vileness.

    • While I deplore some of the excesses and bad taste prevalent at many pride marches, your comments struck me as just as vicious as the stuff coming out of Muslims. I am a gay person and I am not “filth”. I was created in God’s image. If you think that your comments were Christlike , you are sadly delusional. The blood shed by Jesus was shed for all . Perhaps you should be fasting for Ramadan and wearing a bag over your head. It would seem to be much more your spiritual speed.

  4. Typical intolerance of a muslim country….BUT tis

    Interesting indeed how USA’s number one honorary gay man Obama, who makes the White House into a rainbow in honor of the SCOTUS homosexual marriage decision, utters not a peep when gays are persecuted, tortured and killed rountinely in almost every single muslim country to a lesser or often greater degree.. Gee wha’ happened Barak? What about all your clams of supporting gay rights, democracy & freedom?

    Button up Barak, your hypocrisy is showing.

    • He knew the decision in advance. That’s why the White House was all lit up so soon after the decision came down. I found it disgusting to desecrate the White House like that.

      • I’m sorry, but just how is a message of tolerance, equity, and fair play under the law a ‘desecration’ of the White House? You say you are disgusted. By what exactly? By people loving one another, by people preferring marriage over sexual excess, by straight people like myself who rejoice to see gay people happy and fiulfilled in their lives? You write of the intolerance of Islam yet show just as much yourself. There is a word for that. It begins with the letter ‘h’.

        • Idiot, do you know who is hated here more than muslims? Leftist morons like you. Scram. We don’t advocate killing of gays, just that they stay in the closet where they belong and stop throwing their perverted sexual beliefs in the faces of our children.

      • Thank you for posting about him desecrating the white house like that, and yes you are right homosexuals need to stop rubbing their perversions in the faces of children.

      • Personally, I could not give a rat’s a*** if someone is LGBT
        but like the vast majority I suspect, am sick to death of being force fed daily all the militancy and propaganda regarding the extra rights they apparently deserve for no other reason than their sexuality.

      • They got pictures of Obama in dresses in his younger days in Hawaii. But he said to a reporter this is my house no wonder it was lit up gay. Yes he knew ahead of time with 3 gays on the supreme court it’s a sure thing . Wonder if their is 4th with Sotomayor

      • Well when waters world went to colleges and asked who was the first president they didn’t know. In high school you need to pass American history to pass. Today they only teach their philosophy. Like Israel Arabs good Obama is the best president. Only bull shit drug addicts know.

  5. Bhahahahahahaha 😀 it’s funny 😀 Go Turkish police go! 🙂
    My favorite islamist leader is Erdogan.
    Turks is gay and idiot 😀