“RESPECT RAMADAN,” they demand? Yeah, when pigs fly…



Britain First Bikini Ban

h/t Susan K



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    • . . . because those bikini clad babes are hot, and they just simply can’t avoid “a peek” (or two); from behind their banners. GREAT EXCUSE! Come on, they don’t have those shit eating grins from proudly displaying those useless and futile plaints; it’s due to their creaming themselves fantasizing about raping the women.

    • They should respect Ramadan, it’s their holy month, not ours. And right, they should keep their stupid arses at home instead of going where they were sure to find someone enjoying life.

  1. Thanks for the laugh boys. You both look fucking ridiculous! (lololol !!).. So funny to see how woeful, repressed, jealous, and desperate Islam makes you. Happy Fucken Ramadan!

  2. The retardedness is absolutely mindblowing.
    Where do you even get the fucking nerve to hold up a sign like that at a beach, regardless of where in the world it is.
    I seriously hope the jihad camp (mosque) these guys are training at is being watched, because that’s a little extreme…

  3. Wow ! These stupid, inbred, puffs of flatulence are telling me I should respect Ramalamadingdong more than Bikinis ? What idiots ! The miracle of levitation that is present in some bikinis defies nature and gravity, while Ramalamadingdong only defies good reasoning.
    I think Rama etc. originally started when the Poppet of Alley started a chain of midnight shiksibab takeouts and needed some hungry customers. His food wasn’t all that good but he knew that if he starved the populace all day, he could feed them a turd with catsup on it and they would say it was good. For a month, business boomed !

  4. Proper respect for ramadamadingdong would be to dedicate training sessions to raghead and baghead targets.

  5. The answer is to organize nudist protests everywhere obama is in the usa, withstrog arm guards to beat islam into the ground if they protest. Dont forget pig pics as well eating pork,000

  6. the only thing these POS need to remember is “My Jack Russel Terrorist can kick their muslime terrier AZZ”.

  7. A BNI Poster said “… I will respect the leader of this country that bans islam!…”.

    Well, that IS and SHOULD be the common sentiment regarding Islam, and the Countries that support Islam, HOWEVER it’s going to be ‘difficult to include America’s “Leader” in that support, as America’s “Imperial Potus” Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., IS one of the MOST Prolific apparently Pro Islam, and Pro Muslim, Pandering Apologist Sympathizers in the Western World, who DEFINITELY appears to be attempting to turn America into an “Islamic Caliphate”, as Obama has said it HIMSELF through DOCUMENTED Statements such as “The Islamic State ISIS, is not Islamic”, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”, “Islam has always been part of America”, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”, and MANY MORE such Statements, while Obama’s Words, Actions, and Deeds Show Anti-Christian Bias.

    • williamharvey457, please do not misunderstand me, I know full well that our country is doomed under obamas rein of terror and will be finished should that monster hildabeast win the election! I will do all that is in my power to wake people up to the dangers of islam and muslims who adhere to it! I will shout from the rooftops that our country is ruined unless we elect the right people to our government to take back control from the communist and muslims who are in control! We need more Ted Cruz and Tom Cottons and Allen Wests to take out the trash!

  8. Begs for a SoCal solution. Two surfers carrying their boards walking a comfortable distance from each other. The one in front walks close to mutants. Second yells from behind, “Dude! ” One in front turns quickly to see what he wants and “smack! ” hits the arselifters right dead in their ugly faces. No crime. It was just an accident. If they don’t want to see women in bikinis perhaps “they ” should honor their own unholy day and stay away from the beach! If I saw that on the beach I would plant myself thong and all right next to the idiots. They move. I move.

      • I’d say that dressed in my beach attire I could use someone to cover my flank. Just don’t shoot my dog!

      • Hmmm ! yes this sounds like a two man or more mission we will look around for some pickets to watch your flank me I will stay with rear guard … was trained in the Marines for that job

      • It’s a bit difficult to conceal a weapon in a bikini. If I can solve that problem then I bet I could make some money!

    • My gsd is also registered as a service animal. He carries in his backpack sometimes. He stays close enough. Not a perfect solution but I’d like to see one of those two wastes take his backpack from him! Technically, he’s my property which translates to it’s still on my person. In that situation it would take me a few seconds extra to access it, but we practice all the time, both my grabbing it and firing after I grab it so he knows what’s coming when I do. He thinks it’s a game. Our trainer is Marine, ex Miami /Dade Canine Trainer after he retired from LE went private. Guy is great with the dogs and is always showing us new tricks, working through all different scenarios. We haven’t gone bikini though. His wifen might have something to say about that one!

  9. All the years I spent in Islamic countries and have Ram-it-dam shoved down my throat, I say Fuck Muslims if they are unhappy here go back to the shit holes you where you were spawned. We don’t celebrate holidays for pedophiles and their blind ass followers. That goes for the Muslim in the White Hut as well. Hussein Obama I don’t care what you preach our grand nation is about fed up with your appeasing and openly supporting our enemies and handicapping our allies.

  10. Typical Muslims, can’t get anything right, the banner should read “Respect bikinis, No Ramadan”