SHOCKING TORTURE VIDEOS: Not from ISIS, from the Obama-approved, Iranian-backed Shiite militias in Iraq

Barack Hussein Obama’s Iranian backed “boots on the ground” in Iraq are taking torture to a whole new level. From hanging a man from a rope, then barbecuing him to torturing a mentally-challenged autistic boy to beating a man a to death, the Shiites are every bit as barbaric as the ISIS Sunnis.


Even worse, American troops are being told to share quarters with extremist Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq, the same people who were murdering them with roadside bombs just a few years ago.

SHOEBAT  A plethora of new and old pro-Iranian Shiite militias that are dominating the battlefields in Iraq and Syria raises concerns about the growing Iranian influence and the re-creation of vengeance that replaces the brutalities of ISIS by brutalities of Shiites.

Iran’s militias, known as “special groups,” such as Asaib Ahl al-Haq, (the League of the Righteous) and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are running Iraq amok. After so many human rights abuses comes this, leaked graphic videos of extreme torture.

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  1. I wonder….In many Muslim countries, women are stoned to death, have FGM done to them, girl babies are not desired by the parents, etc. This would mean there is more men then women in these Muslim countries. Because lots of men don’t have “Mates”, is this what brings on men’s horrible behavior?

    • America can no longer call itself a great nation if it allows this to continue. Then again the mass of horrific crimes in America severely bring shame upon our “civilized” nation.

      • How is America supposed to stop this alone? Every western country needs to dedicate thousands of troops each to put boots on the ground to go house to house, kill every ISIL supporter.
        But the UN won’t do it. Bunch of PU$$y$!
        This crap has been going on for the entire history of human kind in this area. We should just sit back and watch while they exterminate each other. So much for the “peaceful” religion of islam.

        • You jave got to be stupid.. if every country in the world did that.. they could spare the battle, into one bomb 😂

  2. The goal of the muslims of the politician islam, is to kill all other people jews, christians, atheists.

    E.g. in 1916 in Tukey 20% of all inhabitants were murdered by a genovide of the turkish people. They were christian Armenians.

    Now America and Europe are the aims for the islamic terrorism. The political correctness inhibit a discussion of the islamic problem.

      • Is that why America is doing nothing about the mass of African-Americans killing fellow African-Americans?

        • The authorities get fired upon even going into areas where this is happening. Why should they risk their lives just to keep a bunch of fucking thugs from killing each other? When the rest of the citizens living in those areas decide to rid themselves of this pestilence, then maybe they will earn the right to have the authorities come in and alleviate the situation

  3. What these “things” do to people is heartbreaking. The one was just a kid. If things like this doesnt prove there is evil on this earth. Nothing will. They have no soul.

    • Just when is the whole world going to see, really see what these inhuman ingrates are doing all around the world? Their target is you/us/everyone who is not muslim. The governments need to act now, not later. I know that all of this has been said before but I have to add my bit otherwise I have no right to fight with the good and the true human beings of this planet. The ONLY option and I really mean the ONLY option is to wipe islam off the face of this Earth. Then and only then can the civilised world start rebuilding the middle east. We are all beyond this sorry race. If that makes me racest then yes I’m now racist. It has been forced upon me by these fucking savages. As it stands for me, I stand to lose my home of 36 years because there is a muslim family who need it more than I do. (you see, I have spare bedrooms (which I do pay for) but it makes no difference).

      Today, I had an appointment with my Doctor today and was stunned when the surgery told me that they have to close down because of the flood of imigrants in this area and they can’t find any extra doctors to employ because they just can’t handle the ammount of work asked of them in this area. Just to put this into some significance, I live in a once quiet peaceful south coast town. Also, I had noticed that on my last 3 trips to see the doctor the waiting room was full of fucking muslims and not an English word was spoken during any of these three visits. Me, racist….YOU FUCKING bet I am!

      So please get this message out to everyone you know and write to your MP’s and councillors. we are running out of time.

      • Brian–Islam is a religion and it would be very difficult to wipe a entire religion from the face of the earth. I do understand what you mean by saying that. The trouble with this country is we have become to soft and sensitive about killing civilians in those war torn countries.On the other side, they could give a rats ass about us, as they want to kill us, cut off our heads, hang us, burn us alive and who knows what else. I think the this country should wipe out the populations in those countries that we are fight against. Now i know people will bitch and complain about what i said, but i don’t care. It’s MY opinion.

      • The lord God went through much more pain and suffering than this for us. And look at what “us ” have done, You are all wanting someone to fix this problem right… well let that someone be you. And you may be saying he’s just preaching about God and maybe you’re wondering well then why hasn’t God done something about this. Well he did … he created you. So get out there and fix this problem because “us” won’t get anywhere if all of “us” keep saying “someone needs to do something about this problem. That’s really all that I’ve got to say considering I am only 12 old. If you agree please reply by saying “he created us”. Thank you and remember “us” is the solution to stoping this problem.

  4. Bunch of pedophiles badhing a child,This is crap nuke the hole middle east all ready,Over it,Wat are they bringing to earth other then War plus slaughter,Over it nuke already

    • The barbarians have been fighting in the Middle East forever and it will never stop. I agree with Paul as they should wipe out everyone in the Middle East. If anyone doesn’t like my comment, i really don’t care.

  5. Barbaric, No love lost between those 2 sects, Shia Islam had and still fend itself against the larger Sunni Islam. Then Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, are all Sunnis . We all know how much the Shia suffered under saddam . An eye for an eye. Isis last year attacked Mosel and killed over 2000 Shia soldiers in cold blood and filmed it we all saw it. THey still kill and execute through out Iraq and Syria , they got that coming.

    • I hear people say all the time, ” Please help God ” News Flash. God will not help, and if it /he really existed, it would of done it a very long time ago. People need to stop living in their religious fantasy world.

      • No, this is all prophecy… What makes you think God would want to save a bunch of hateful war mongers and child abusers?? Our God is a loving but not an easy God. And you must believe in natural selection? Is this not the most basic form?

  6. This IS Pro Islam, Pro Muslim Obama’s, and HIS “Anti America”, Anti Christian, Administration’s, “New World Order” – AND America Elected him TWICE.

    “SHOCKING TORTURE VIDEOS: Not from ISIS, from the Obama-approved, Iranian-backed Shiite militias in Iraq – Even worse, American troops are being told to share quarters with extremist Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq, the same people who were murdering them with roadside bombs just a few years ago.”.

    • If that’s true about our soldiers sharing barracks with Iranian Shia’s then they are 100 times safer with them then with our Sunni allies in Afghanistan. I said this before – Sunnis have murdered millions to one of Christians compared to Shia’s.
      Sunnis have murdered millions in India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand.. Where is the wholesale slaughter carried out by Shia’s? Doesn’t happen.
      Though it could if Iran gets the A-bomb and if they do, they’ll most likely use it on Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Israel.
      The Iranians will test before deploying any nuclear weapon, that should give the next administration time to remove the threat

        • If 10% is correct, then 10% of Muslim terror attacks should be Shia. Strangely this is not the case.
          Being 10% somewhat justifies Iran going nuclear when they are surrounded by Sunni antagonists – Turkey, Pakistan who has nukes, Saudis and Gulf States.
          It should be noted that US meddling has made Iran what it is today.

  7. Sunnis are far more murderous than Shia’s. What is shown here is vengeance to a enemy who themselves never show mercy, even too babies and the fetus in pregnant women.
    That young boy they’re beating to a pulp most likely worked in coercion with anti Assad forces. This is the real thing we will sooner or later face in the West.

    • When you claim that Iran is how it is because of US meddling let’s do a reality check! Thanks to the CIA in the 50’s when we had a patriotic US President, the Shah was restored in Iran! The problem was the coming of Democratic Prez Peanut Farmer named Jimmy Carter who made “Human Rights” his concern and stopped supporting the Shah so now we have what we have who is admittedly more in control of their lust for violence than ISIS whom The Obama helped create! When it comes to Muslims we need to meddle more from a point of overwhelming military power and care less about “Human Rights”!

  8. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s a muslim, and, with few exceptions, that means just one, JUST ONE thing; it’s a sub human savage murderer.

  9. This isn’t unusual for any moslem country – even sowdie barbaria. And we are in cahoots with them too.

  10. Breitbart London reporting that the hospital chapel at St Raphael’s in Manchester will be closed to provide a prayer room for muslims. And they wonder why young Catholics are leaving the church? We’re leaving the church because Catholic Hierarchy is pandering to the antichrist! Another slap iin the face to faithful Catholics. Look at this site and tell me why they would take a place where the Holy Mass is celebrated and desecrate it in such a way. Very sad times for the Church.

  11. What would anyone expect? They are Muslims; this is Islam, mere Islam and nothing more or less. This is why no Muslim can ever be trusted because this is in the very DNA of the Quran and their rest of their filth. This is the very devil and all his works and precisely why we owe so much to Bonnie, Spencer and Pamela Geller. Let none of us forget it.

  12. Prisoner preference questionaire: Where would you like to be interrogated ? 1. With the American fun loving soldiers at Abu Ghrab ! 2. With ISIS ! 3. With Iranian militia ! 4. Saffron and rice Guantanamo ! 5. With IDF psychologists !

  13. The same Iran that oasshat is negotiating a nuclear deal with? How’s that for a representative of the people? These mutants are all of an Apocalyptic Mindset. Their goal is nothing but the bringing about such chaos and horror in an effort to usher in their mahdi. Keep celebrating gay marriage and the recent scotus rulings on nonaffordable care. Turn a blind eye to secret trade deals. America, you are celebrating the theft of all your freedoms and your sovereignty and you are so drunk on insignificant shallow victories that you’re dancing on your own graves. And if you go out to celebrate on the 4th, bring your common sense and a means to defend yourselves and your loved ones. Then go home and lay a wreath on the grave of your liberties. They’re being systemically and deliberately stolen from you and you sing and dance in celebration. When the bombs fall on our soil, you’ll need that healthcare if you survive. When mutant muslims are in control of our government, marriage licenses won’t save you no matter your sexual preferences. Your attentions are not focused on the true enemy. Your joy, premature.

  14. When the last infidel on Earth is beheaded the body will still be warm when the sword is turned against another Muslim. A cult of pure evil, hate and ethnic supremacy. There will never be peace in this world while Islam exists.

  15. What would anyone who is educated about Islam expect from Islamic culture, whether sunni or shitte doesn’t matter. All these barbaric things we’re seeing is the eventual conclusion of Islam culture.

  16. Be it muslum monsters who are shite or sunni or some other muslum offshoot, inbred, tribal group, all muslums have one thing in common, namely they follow a corrupt and evil cult of chaos, rape, murder and so on, called islum, designed by a pedophile mo ham mad as written in the coran. Churchill had it right over 100 years ago. ‘islum is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog’. Islum is the problem.

  17. how can any of them think they are soldiers in uniform. kill all muslims save non and dnt allow it eva agen.

  18. They’re ALL sociopaths – mo the goat shagger’s repugnant scribblings of a maniac.
    His manifest, the queeran, makes Hitler’s Mein Kampf look like a kids’ fairy tale…

  19. OMG they are so primitive and barbaric, this is so awful to watch. Beating up an autistic kid or an unarmed man… they are such cowards and lowlives. Shows you how islam transforms people into subhuman sicko’s. Time to ban all existing sorts of islam off the face of the Earth.

  20. Disclaimer: I’m not Iranian.

    My Christian family was violently exiled from Iran during the islamic revolution in the 70’s. Only a small handful of us survive to this day, but hear me out.

    The U.S refused help from Iran for up to a year when the whole isis situation broke out.
    When Iran started making great strides in the fight against isis, the U.S still refused their help.
    isis began taking more ground and seemed unstoppable at one point, that’s when the U.S started opening themselves to Iran’s help.
    The fight against isis wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is now if it weren’t for Iran.
    It’s in fact an Iranian army general leading the ground forces in Iraq in the fight against isis. The non-raghead minorities of Iraq pleaded for help from the West but the only one who stepped up was Iran so the U.S armed the kurds as they were seen as more reliable allies.

    They are simply the slightly lesser of one larger and divided evil.
    No doubt they are greasing up the UN so they can have their nuclear power reactors, and also spreading shi’ite infulence (can’t help but read that as shit) in a sunni dominated land, but it’s ever so slightly benefiting the dwindling numbers of non-muslim minorities in the hell-hole that is Iraq.

    The sad truth is though, there’s no one else willing or able to fight isis right now and the person getting a tan in the first video is most probably a muzzie or isis supporter, so it’s really a gain to humanity.

    If you had the chance, tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing (or worse) to a captured isis troop.

    • Evolution, you are not seeing the big picture. Iran is no better than ISIS and their goal is to take over Iraq because the POS mullah in the White House is willing to let them. It is totally obama’s fault for pulling out all our troops from Iraq, and he is willing to allow another terrorist regime to do his dirty work. What is the advantage to kicking out ISIS and putting Iran in their place? NOTHING.

      We are talking about the mullahs here, not the Iranian people. All I am saying is that the Iranian savages are no better than the ISIS savages.

  21. Monsters all of them,Sub-Human filth,
    the so-called mainstream media wants to talk Gay Marriage,Bruce Jenner & all that B.S. ,when they should be talking about this ,but they won’t,this is REALITY in you’re face.

  22. I should have known better than to press play! These barbaric pig humping pieces of shit SHOULD rot in hell! My God, the breed these handicapped children from inbreeding – yet they pick on them and abuse them senseless! Three to one on a handicapped boy.. Real men aren’t they! I hope they get it back tenfold! I’ve never believed in Hell… But now I pray there is a Hell and these pricks end up there!

  23. My apologizes BNI for the content of my post and if you do not wish it too appear in the comments section I fully understand. That second video of the teen getting slapped about and beaten really fucking gets to me. In a sick way I kind of understand the executions of the adults. Not the brutal way they are carried out but the principles behind it. I mean, they are only adhering to the ‘teachings’ of their ‘holy’ book.

    To beat on a fucking kid though,

    I can’t bring any logic or sanity into the equation to justify this. It seems to have an aspect of a psedosexual element to it and makes me so fucking angry I resort to becoming a neanderthal in expressing my thoughts and emotions.

  24. Also animals don’t like that but infected parasites by Islam-virus-ideology

    Solution is interdiction of Islam in the world

  25. The poor kid is most probably the product of generations of “Cousin Love”. The men doing the torturing and beatings are evidently the leaders of these groups. With leadership like that, who can expect anything different from the followers.

    These are the people that Obama is arming and supporting. Why doesn’t he make them follow the same “Rules of Engagement” he forces our troops to follow ? I’m sure they all respect him enough (koff-koff) to follow his suggestions.

    These savages are Obama’s “chosen people” ! Once again, he picks a real winner !
    It’s a good thing he doesn’t have to make a living handicapping horses, isn’t it ?

  26. All Muslims Are The Same. Brutal, Savage, Inbred, Neanderthal, Barbarians. No Muslims At All Should Be Supported By Anyone In The West. NO SUCH THING As A Moderate Muslim, They Are All Murderous Troglodytes And Are Not Worthy Of Being Part Of The Human Race. TO HELL WITH ISLAM!

  27. Of course obama funds these animals (no affiance to animals.)
    This is what happens when men are taught from birth that women are evil and should be avoided at all costs, or abused and killed. You have a society of men, and only men. There are no women in this society to temper them.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love men, but when they are segregated this is what can happen. Sexual frustration (when not satisfied by other men and young boys) turns to rage and blood lust. Of course islam teaches and encourages this twisted way of living.

  28. Some sick stuff… These guys are no better than IS. As long as its done to another muslim.
    PS: bonnie, update on the 2 aussie terrorist KHALED SHAROUFF and MOHaMED ELOMAR: its believed both have been killed in a US drone strike, now they are saying khaled sharouf may still be alive. There is a big uproar in australia because the nettleton family (the in laws to sharrouf) want to bring back their daughter and 5 kids. (One of them was pictured holding a severed head).
    Mohamed elomars wife was caught in australia for funding elomar and trying to get to syria (could be jailed up to 10years and passport revoked) prompting elomar to find another wife in which khaled sharrouf offered elomar his 13yo daughter for marraige..

    • Yeah, mommy and the kids want to come home now because as a single woman she’s up for grabs. I don’t fancy the kid ever being a normal Australian after bringing a severed head to show-and-tell in Syria. Let them stay right where they are. Filth.

  29. Hi ! The Videos are not working. Please resend. Thank you.