CLEVELAND: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR wants a police officer fired for his anti-Muslim tweets

CAIRvivivi-viMuslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is demanding and investigation by the Cleveland Division of Police of Sgt. Frank Woyma’s social media activity, which, the group points out publicly, includes a litany of anti-Islam messaging and ‘racist’ overtones. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

Clevescene  Woyma’s Twitter account as of today is private. Much of Woyma’s social output is the fairly rote “blue lives matter,” “teach your kids to comply” police stuff.


But as the local outpost of CAIR asserts, Woyma — recently promoted from patrol officer to sergeant — has “retweeted images of a Quran being flushed down a toilet and of President Obama’s campaign logo with the headline ‘This is a symbol of racism, I would like it removed from my country.’



A particularly insightful photo — tweeted by Woyma, not retweeted — shows an elephant shitting onto the ground. The caption, written by Tom Francois: “And here we have an extremely rare photo of the actual birth of Barack Hussein Obama! Kenya Africa 1961” So that sort of stuff.


One retweet, with an image of a Crusader knight (seen below), is headlined: ‘I will turn back the Muslim hordes,’ with the note ‘Join our fight to save America.'” At the bottom of that image, there’s a note about protecting the U.S. from sharia law “at all costs.” 


“While Sgt. Woyma is retweeting racist and anti-Muslim materials on a private account, his clearly bigoted views can only serve to cast a negative light on the Cleveland Division of Police and harm relations with the community he is supposed to serve and protect,” CAIR-Cleveland Executive Director Julia Shearson said in a public statement. The police department has not yet responded to requests for information about CAIR’s request.


Other photos from Woyma’s Twitter account include: