HSBC Muslim staffers in the UK fired after staging a mock Islamic State (ISIS)-style beheading

They thought it would be an exercise in “team-building.” Apparently it was, now the entire team is together on the unemployment line.

NY Daily News  Sickening footage that emerged Monday showed five HSBC workers in Britain pretending to decapitate a co-worker while screaming out “Allahu Akbar”—which means “God is greater” in Arabic.

Video obtained by The Sun shows bank staffers dressed in black jumpsuits and balaclavas standing by a co-worker in an orange jumpsuit down on his knees. One of the men in black holds what appeared to be a coat hanger. Another shouts out “Allahu Akbar” before raising the hanger above Saf Ahmed’s head.

HSBC has fired all those involved in the footage and apologized for the controversy caused.

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  1. “They thought it would be an exercise in “team-building.” Apparently it was, now the entire team is together on the unemployment line”.

    WHAT “Team” – the 7th Century Mentality Team of Bloody Barbaric Muslim Butchering Retards ?

    They have ALREADY shown themselves, and are already KNOWN to Exist, and ARE already Attempting World Domination under Islamic Law.

  2. HSBC and Muslims deserve each other. HSBC was/is one of the most fraud ridden banks on the planet. What are vermin to do?

  3. Why were they working for an infidel bank that charges interest? If they hate the West so much at least they could have shown the courage of their convictions and not applied for jobs there. Bet HSBC will think twice before making that mistake again and it may be commerce realising the threat that this mob poses to their industries will force governments hands because politicians would be mad to ignore them. What if many banks headquarters start pulling out of Britain?

    Wonder what Dickless Cameron will say about this?

    • HSBC is one of the most crooked banks on the planet. They’re only firing them for image reasons.

  4. Another half dozen added to the massive list of parasitic Muslim welfare whores, too bad this hand to happen because they were about the only Muslims in England that actually had a job and paid taxes. Oh well at least they can look forward to generous welfare handouts and now they can spend more time on real jihad and anti British demonstrations.

  5. The most interesting part,is the fact that they are more offended by this than they are when exposed to real thing…on a daily basis!

  6. It’s just a whole different way of looking at situations.

    Muslims find that funny.

    And the REST of the world KNOWS that it is just, plain SICK!

  7. This is as dumb as a bunch of people acting out a nazi concentration camp scene during WWII “as a team building exercise”.

    It seems that there are a lot of Muslims out there who think this shit is a joke. They should all be airdropped into Syria after revoking their passports. Perhaps they’ll find it funny when they inevitably get crucified for failing to follow sharia law.

    Better yet, tattoo stars of David on them and then drop them into ISIS territory. Now that would be a great joke to play! Hilarious!

    • And force hormone treatment on them so they become TG. After their week long gang rape from their fellow Muslims they’ll get a one time flying lesson.

      Why not? No gay activist in the west will care. They’re too busy warring against the scourge of evil right wing extremism taking place at pizzerias.

  8. Who the fuck would hire a Muslim in the first place. Let alone many of them. Lucky they were caught in time. They may have been practicing to do the real thing on the bank manager or even customers that might enter the bank.

  9. Nothing new here. Muslims acting like Muslims do. Role playing their slaughtering murderous heroes from islamic state. All Muslims are the same.

    Dougie Hooper : how dare they be sacked for just being Muslims…how totally islamophobic !@!*!!