Islamic State (ISIS) crucifies dozens of Syrian men and boys on electricity poles for breaking Ramadan fast

Eyewitnesses told the Syrian ARA News, “Those who break Ramadan are being crucified on electricity poles. The roads are filled with dozens of crucified men and boys attached to poles in eastern Syria, for violating the group’s strict regulations during Ramadan.”


Breitbart (h/t Emma)  A video (below) published by activists, purportedly shows people being “crucified alive” in the town of Hajin, a city to the east of Deir ez-Zor, for breaking the Ramadan fast without legitimate reason.

The video shows a man slowly driving his car down a main road while he passes at least nine men and boys tied to electric poles in the median of the street, with their arms stretched out and affixed to a crosspiece. The victims were placed about a block apart from each other, and some of the victims have signs placed around their necks.

ISIS has also established another form of public punishment, placing some violators in public cages so that citizens can witness the ways ISIS mocks those who violate its strict religious regulations. “The group made many cages to lock up these ‘fasting violators’ and show them to public in order to humiliate them among people.


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  1. No one should be upset or angry about this crazy lunatics who call themselves Moslems…none of them will win as they are all barbaric and psychopaths…leave them all to Isreal to sort out these barbaric half humans ….you can’t call them humans as they are definitely not!! They will never win and they cannot control the human race

  2. In Christianity if you stop fasting, there is no problem, it is not an obligation; and if you break the fast there is no punishment for that, not in this life or the next. In Islam with their own people are: kill, rape, cut off the head and burn alive. The difference is striking, though some enlightened politicians; Left specifically say that all religions are equal, but only Christianity is demonized exhaustion. That is why Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, among other places convert to Christianity.

  3. I dislike saying this but I can see through the fog of leftist smoke and mirrors and the agenda driven media spin doctors I see a win/win here, they are all Muslims and the more they kill in the Middle East the less can come here and hurt my family and friends. I know what I said sounds heartless but I’m well beyond worry about people’s feelings, decorum and political correctness. Our Jihadist in the White Hut are ISIS supporters and they are bringing in hundreds of thousands of un-vetted ISIS supporters from Morocco, Egypt, Somalia, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and the bread basket of Jihadists Syria. They are being imported here to be the 5th column to train and fight alongside Hussein Obamas para-military community organizations, The New Black Panther Party and old uncle fat ass Louie Farrakhan and if band of merry killers of white people The Nation of Islam and his overdressed street soldiers. The next two-years are going to be very interesting. Keep your powder dry your batteries charged and buy ammo and watch your 6.

  4. My initial reaction is to say “Serves them right for belonging to such a despicable religion in the first place”. But to murder people publicly in this manner is more than revolting and further proof – if needed – of what an appalling, cruel sect we are NOT dealing with. For such a trivial offence – they act like beasts.
    And Obama is shipping them in by the million during the next couple of years. Why aren’t Americans protesting everywhere?
    WHO wants to rub shoulders with THIS filth?
    I bet the wealthy Saudi prince won’t include this in his propaganda initiative in the USA

  5. ISIS showed the innocents no mercy. On Judgement Day, God will show them no mercy. The evil will get back the cruel things they perpetrated on others.

    Bible, Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

    They will spend all eternity in hell.

    • Linda Rivera,

      Crap, Islam sells this ‘Hell’ bullshit…that is why so many ‘True Muslim’ believers are afraid to leave Islam.

  6. ISIS is owned, financed, controlled an operated by Israel and its Mossad. Do none of you dumb fucks know what a false flag is? Btw, guess who did 9-11. Mossad and the CIA.

  7. Religion of love. All for the merciful “Alley”.
    I wonder if they’ll turn them loose before they starve or die of thirst. I’m sure they’ll leave them all there until they soil themselves in public.
    All the more reason to help our poor ragheads out. Grill a steak or fry up some bacon in the middle of the afternoon. Munch some crunchy snacks like dip style chips or fried pork skins. Chug down cool bottled water or soda drinks and be sure to let a little bit drip off your chin. and always give a loud “Mmmmmmm !” in appreciation of the flavor.
    Happy ding-dong, (ramalama, that is), you inbred quarter wits !

  8. who the Hell is selling these psychopaths all these truck fleets… any corporate entity or country MUST be outed and their capacity to do any business blocked… …why are the A10’s being decommissioned.. 300 0f these will largely dissuade any more parades… anyone else get the feeling this is all a charade; this battle against isis…. except for the Kurds.

      • While i agree with you BNi , that source for the trucks is finite and with the bombing going on they would already have started o get low on trucks.

        They are definitely getting new supplies constantly.

        Something stinks in this whole affair, i wonder when the truth comes out if we in the west will have to incarcerate all our current leaders.

        Something is fundamentally wrong here and everyone should be asking questions.

        The masses unfortunately are made up of people that do not have inquiring characters, the “i am all right jack” mentality is instilled in most people.

        Last week i had a seventeen year old lad working with me and he had never heard of a muslim problem.

        in actual fact he was a white lad with a Black accent living in the middle of England, jeez i hate hearing that.

        This is what we are up against.

        Until our leaders are on our side we have an uphill battle.

  9. Maybe I’m missing something, but none those people look particularly stressed or uncomfortable. Nail them to a real cross with 8 inch hand made iron spikes, like the Romans did, and you’d have something there.
    Otherwise, all this ends up being is a bunch of people standing around with signs around their necks, being embarrassed.
    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…….