“Death to Islam” signs popping up all over the country

20150630__396474s300p1Are “Death to Islam” signs all the rage these days? First we have a popular bar in Pennsylvania putting up such signs (photo right) and boosting their business because of it, and now you have a Bosnian Muslim community center vandalized in Spokane, Washington with the same message. Looks like Americans are finally waking up to existential threat posed by Islam to everyone.

Spokesman  As usual Designated Terrorist Group CAIR swoops in and demands a federal hate crime investigation of ‘Death to Islam’ graffiti on Spokane Islamic Center, and as usual, the Feds leap to their feet to comply. 


Spokane Police said Thursday they’ve forwarded the graffiti report to their Joint Terrorism Task Force for investigation. A detective has been assigned to the case, said police spokeswoman Teresa Fuller. 

Graffiti left at a Muslim prayer center in East Central Spokane over the weekend has prompted calls for a federal hate crime investigation. The message, “Death to Islam,” was spray-painted on the outside of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Heritage Association of Spokane on Saturday, as worshippers inside recited prayers for the holy month of Ramadan, according to a statement from the Washington state chapter of Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR- Council on American-Islamic Relations.

(PLEASE NOTE: Photo previously posted of the scary-looking imam of this mosque has been deleted by order of the mosque)


Blaine Stum, chairman of the Spokane Human Rights Commission, condemned the graffiti. Stum is expected to join Arsalan Bukhari of CAIR at a news conference today at the prayer center, calling for a federal investigation. It had been painted over Wednesday morning, but photos posted by Skyler Oberst, president of the Spokane Interfaith Council, showed the black letters scrawled on the side of the brick building.

Ayesha Malik, a Pakistani-American who works with the Interfaith Council and is a practicing Muslim, said it was difficult keeping her anger from boiling over after hearing about the vandalism. She called the graffiti a “hate crime” that tested the tenets of the holy month, which preaches control of anger (Like the Muslim terrorist who slaughtered 39 tourists in Tunisia for Ramadan?).

(PLEASE NOTE: Photo previously posted of the three ‘infidel’ women wearing Muslim headbags and standing in front of this mosque has been deleted by order of the mosque)