Canadian Muslim leader is very upset over a Senate report on countering homegrown Islamic terrorism in Canada because it demonizes Muslims

proud_to_be_muslimShahina Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Social Services Association, called the interim Senate committee report “an embarrassment” and she alleges that the report “alienates Muslims and paints them as the enemy.” (Ya think?) Siddiqui testified before the committee in February and said the interim report ignores recommendations from the Muslim community which offered 25 of its own. 

Siddiqui must be talking about this: The Muslim produced handbook, entitled United Against Terrorism, which was totally rejected by the RCMP  citing its “adversarial tone.” Several sections of the guide instruct Muslim community members NOT to cooperate with police while others claim jihad “is a noble concept.”  The handbook itself recommends that “intelligence and law enforcement officials” should “avoid terms such as ‘Islamist terrorism’, ‘Islamicism’, and ‘Islamic extremism’ in favor of more “accurate” terms such as ‘al Qaeda inspired extremist,’” according to one section of the handbook.


CBC  Some of the Senate recommendations include calling for a crackdown on mosques and a probe of all imams. “There is a separation of church and state in Canada. So now the state is going to tell me what is and what is not acceptable within my faith, and then also a crackdown on who is allowed to come into Canada and what they can talk about,” said Siddiqui. 

Shahina Siddiqui
Shahina Siddiqui

“To me, again, it is the freedom of expression. Every democratic right that we as Canadians cherish is being denied to Muslims (likely enemies) and literally creating a second class, a second tier of citizens.” 

Siddiqui believes the report is being used to score cheap political points. “The Leftist senators have a good sense of not signing on to this. You still have that faint hope that when they sit down to ponder they will be able to separate facts from propaganda and not use this as a political ploy. A wedge issue to drum up fear and make political scoring.”


Siddiqui believes trying to police people’s thoughts could backfire. She referred to a recent case in Winnipeg of a Muslim man who is being monitored and has strict conditions on him for comments he has made. 


“The minute you start policing people’s thoughts and ideas you push those underground and take away our civil liberties, and that to me is not productive. It is counterproductive. People will react that way because they have been fed this fear.” (Then leave if you don’t like it)

Siddiqui said instead of making the community a partner, Muslims are being painted as the enemy. (You ARE)


Siddiqui hopes the interim report goes nowhere. She said Muslim leaders are already doing what needs to be done. (Planning violent jihad?)

“People who think the Muslim community is sitting on its hands, we are not.  We are training people to know how to address those with extreme views. But stigmatizing and marginalizing us does not help at all — and this is what this report does.” (YOU are the enemy and as such you need to be under constant surveillance)