Islamic State (ISIS) ‘jihadi janes’ beat up 12 women, killing one, for peeking out of their face-covering headbags

A detachment of Russian ISIS women beat up 12 women in a clothing store for lifting their black masks slightly to look a the merchandise, killing one.


Clarion Project  Iraqi citizens said on Saturday in Mosul that an Iraqi woman was killed by ISIS women with Russian citizenship in Mosul, 250 miles north of Baghdad.

The citizens said, “The Russian women in ISIS have attacked Mosul girls, beating them severely in one of the clothing stores in the market of Asarghahana in the center of Mosul.

NIQAB aka Muslim full face-covering headbag
NIQAB aka Muslim full face-covering headbag

They claimed the women had lifted their niqab to look at the merchandise as well as failing to uphold the rule of wearing the correct color himarspecified to women, married women and widows as determined by the organization.

The Russians hit twelve married women, which caused the death of one of them aged 17, due to the severe beating she received.”

Women are now required to wear color-coded garments denoting their marital status. The colors are:

  • married woman – black
  • single – white
  • divorced – blue
  • widow – green