“Kind, funny, smart…a really good guy,” says classmate of Muslim jihadist, Mohammad Abdulazeez

As I keep warning my readers, it isn’t the in-your-face Islamic terrorists you have to worry about, it’s the quiet Muslim who lives next door to you, goes to school with you, works with you.

Shoebat The disturbing manifesto of the murderer of four marines in Chattanooga, Mohammad Abdulazeez can all be read at the above link here with complete analysis of the man, his spiritual condition and his life. It reveals that what the Daily Beast did when they cherry-picked statements, they did not present the manifesto at its fullest. It reveals a sinister plan to go to heaven through Jihad and that the man thought he was imprisoned in this world and that the only way out is through martyrdom. He clearly defined Islam as “to fight Jihad for the sake of Allah”.