THREE MUSLIM illegal alien invaders were electrocuted while trying to sneak into the UK

Three Muslim invaders have suffered electric shock while trying to sneak through the Channel Tunnel from Calais, France to Britain. Sadly, however, none of them died, and now they will be given free medical treatment and likely won’t be deported or jailed.


Express (h/t Mike F)  An Afghan illegal alien was seriously injured while two Paki Muslims were also hurt in the attempt to board a freight train to the UK at the Eurotunnel terminal near Calais. French authorities said the incident happened at 6am.

Increasingly desperate attempts to invade Britain have resulted in a number of injuries and deaths in recent days, including two illegals who died trying to board shuttle trains to Britain.


The incident comes as UK Home Secretary Theresa May announced the creation of a new ‘secure zone in the French port to prevent  stowing away on lorries. The new area will house 230 vehicles as they wait to board ferries – which Mrs May says will remove a two-and-a-half mile queue on the open road where migrants have been hopping into trucks to cross the Channel illegally.

Chaos at the French port has been intensified by several strikes by ferry workers – who also managed to brake through the tunnel perimeter wall and light fires on the train tracks. A union boss said afterwards that the security there was “like a sieve”. “I strolled into the tunnel in my flip-flops,” Eric Vercoutre said.

The Muslim hordes waiting to break into the UK for their generous welfare benefits
The Muslim hordes waiting to break into the UK for their generous welfare benefits

Britain is now set to construct two and half miles of high security fencing to stop migrants from breaking into the Channel Tunnel site.

Construction of the 9ft high barrier – used during last year’s NATO Summit and the London Olympics – comes after repeated demands by France to Britain to help them combat the migrant crisis around Calais.


There are an estimated 3,000 illegal alien Muslim invaders living in squalid camps on the northern French coast.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart recently blamed Britain’s “black market economy and “cushy benefits system” for the migrant crisis in her town.

Unfortunately lorry drivers are only armed with sticks to fight off the Muslim riffraff breaking into their trucks: