FOUR days after a Muslim terrorist slaughters 5 U.S. Servicemen in Tennessee, CNN thinks he maybe had some itty, bitty, anti-American fweewings.

But in its best ABIS (Anything But Islam Syndrome) mode, CNN prefers to steer the focus over to Mohammed Youssuf Abdulazeez’s alleged depression, pot-smoking and drug use as the real reasons behind his sudden jihad massacre on U.S soil.  

They even dig up a black guy whom Abdulazeez convinced to convert to Islam who says he had “no radical ideas” and thought “ISIS was stupid” and “against Islam.” Conveniently, CNN leaves out the part about why Abdulazeez, an electrical engineering college graduate, was dismissed from his job at a nuclear power plant within a few days of starting work there: he failed the background check.