POPCORN, ANYONE? The Islamic State (ISIS) is suspected of being behind 5 car bomb attacks yesterday in Gaza

BvkHDSrCYAAAfKiISIS terrorists are thought to have carried out five co-ordinated car-bomb attacks in Gaza, targeting members of other Islamic terrorist groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The devastating blasts rocked a quiet area in the north of Gaza city, destroying five cars thought to belong to members of the Ezzedine al-Qassam and Al-Quds brigades.


UK Daily Mail  The attacks come amid growing tensions between the Palestinian territory’s rulers and extremist opponents. Several people reportedly suffered minor injuries in the attacks.  Today’s attacks are believed to be the work of ISIS supporters, looking to destabilise Hamas’ control of the strip.

Some accounts claim that several crudely drawn ISIS style flags of tawheed were painted on a nearby wall shortly before the attack. It is unclear if ISIS will claim responsibility for the attack.


Witnesses said that the five blasts went off in the space of 15 mins, at around 6:30am. It is thought the devices had been placed underneath the cars parked in front of their owners’ homes. Three of the cars were said to have belonged to members of Al-Qassam and two to members of Al-Quds, the armed branches of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.  

Salafist sympathisers have questioned Hamas’ style of governance, accusing the terror group of not enforcing Islamic law and slamming the militants for allowing a truce with Israel since last summer.


The explosions appeared to be intended as a warning rather than an attempt to inflict casualties given the early hour, as has occurred with previous incidents. A series of such attacks in recent months is suspected to have been carried out by Salafist extremists, some of whom claim links with Islamic State group jihadists.

Earlier this month, ISIS released a 15 minute propaganda video, designed to increase Palestinian support for ISIS. Featuring half a dozen Palestinian jihadis in Syria, the fighters urge their countrymen to pledge allegiance to ISIS and wage jihad in their homeland.