The Islamic State (ISIS) now is threatening to “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies”

In a vile ‘message’ directed towards the people of France, the masked ISIS jihadist spoke in perfect French before brutally executing a Syrian army prisoner.  He said ISIS won’t rest until they fill the French capital with corpses.


According to a PEW Research Report from 2010, there were nearly 5 million Muslims in France.  Probably, there are a lot more now, so these are not idle threats.


Colorado Newsday  This is the shocking moment a French ISIS fighter vowed to ‘fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’ before he shot a Syrian soldier in the back of the head and kicked him off a cliff. In a vile ‘message’ directed towards the people of France, the masked militant spoke in perfect French before brutally executing a Syrian army prisoner by shooting him in the head.


Ranting wildly into the high-definition camera used to record the execution video, the fanatic told listeners that ISIS ‘loves death like you love life’ and encouraged the group’s supporters to continue to plot and carry out further terror attacks in the European country.  Peppering his dialogue with rants about the strength of ISIS and how the terror group is protected by Allah, the militant encouraged a fresh wave of terror attacks in the French capital.

Chillingly, the latest threat comes after a series of ISIS-inspired attacks on France this year, including the massacre the Charlie Hebdo attack in which 12 people were killed on January 7 and the gruesome beheading of a delivery company owner near Lyon on June 26.


Today’s stomach-churning video was filmed in an ISIS-held area in Syria’s Hama province and was published online by the terror group’s local propaganda office. Standing on a remote cliff-top a jihadi loomed over a kneeling Syrian regime army officer and claimed that he is one of the estimated 500 French nationals waging jihad on behalf of the terror group in the Middle East.

He declared that his ‘message’ is aimed not only to French citizens, but also to the international community and ‘everyone who fights Allah and his prophet’. Peppering his dialogue with rants about the strength of ISIS and how the terror group is protected by Allah, the militant encouraged a fresh wave of terror attacks in the French capital. 

The Syrian soldier execute by ISIS

The Syrian soldier execute by ISIS

Once he concluded his diatribe, the French militant brutally shot the Syrian army soldier in the head with a massive assault rifle, before kicking his corpse off the edge of the cliff and sending it tumbling dozens of feet on to the rocks below.

The video then cut to gruesome close-up footage of the dead man’s bloodied and battered body while the terrorist stands close by.



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  1. I am AMAZED that with the History of WWl and WWll AND the Iron Curtain in Europe’s past ………….in just the past 100 years ALONE………….. why the rush for CERTAIN cultural suicide??

    I look at places like Brussels Belgium and at present its Muzzie population is ‘supposedly’ 25%%%%% !!!!!! and that’s NOW……..for the life of me I cannot understand how any European can think this is a good thing.

    They WILL learn the HARD way…..sooner or later.

  2. Before the devouring, nation-destroying EU Monster and our traitor British and European ruling elites colonised our tiny nations with the Soldiers of Allah, our beautiful countries were peaceful, safe and happy.

    The demonic EU and our ruthless leaders transformed our nations into battle grounds where sharia patrols in London hunted down a young American tourist; severely beat him and left him with significant, permanent facial scars.

    Muslim parasites constantly hold huge street demos — scream against the native British who they call Crusaders and scream that they want sharia law.

    Traitor ruling elites respond by increasing Muslim immigration and criminally allow illegal Muslim invaders to massively infiltrate into our tiny nation.

    British soldiers back home to kick SHARIA out – God bless the soldiers.flv

  3. Violent Muslim attackers massively imported by Islam adoring French leaders. God will SEVERELY judge our TRAITOR leaders.

    Muslims attack Catholics leaving Church

    • Thank you Linda for all of your contributions. And lest there is any doubt, there is only one reason why this does not happen in the States and it has nothing to do with the mohammedans here desiring to live side by side with those of differing faiths and everything to do with our Second Amendment!

  4. Hollande, you, the presidents before you and the champagne socialists must be rejoicing. It’s what you wanted by colonising France with devout Muslims.

    The EU devouring Monster, and you British and European leaders seek to annihilate our freedom; our safety; the Golden Rule and Western civilisation and replace it with Islam and barbaric sharia.

    Don’t play your dirty game of acting naive and ignorant and pretend that you don’t know that Islam is a Blood Cult that has barbarically murdered hundreds of millions of non-Muslim innocents. And taken many millions of non-Muslims for slaves and sex slaves.

    Hollande, your filthy lies and Cameron’s and Merckel’s wicked LIES that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ are despicable and evil and meant to lull infidels into a false sense of security.

    Islamophobia and Racism which has nothing to do with the political, murderous ideology of Islam, was invented to prevent us from protesting against the planned suicide of our nations.

    This is how Muslims pay infidels back for colonising non-Muslim nations with Muslims and forcing our people to finance massive Muslim immigration and massive Muslim breeding.

    Muslims REWARD nations for colonising their countries with the followers of the Blood Cult of Mohammed and having Muslims live as parasites off infidels, with threats of mass murder and MURDERS. ISIS is Islam and Islam is ISIS.


    Polls show a huge percentage of Muslims in Europe support ISIS. One Muslim declared that Muslims are proud of ISIS.

    Prevent the coming planned BIG Jihad against our native British and European people. DEPORT MUSLIMS NOW.


  5. These worthless POS wannabe terrorist boast of so much cojones yet they never show their face. *uckin cowards.

  6. This map of muslims in EU is not correct,Germany has “just” 5 million Turks,what about other muslims-albanians,muslims from Bosnia,and other muslims from all over the world. Sweden has far more muslims than 430 000. Numbers are not correct,there is 50 million muslims in Europe!

    • Well, notice that it’s from 2010 and it’s also published by Pew. So the numbers are out of date, and who knows what methodology they used. They may have used a telephone poll and then extrapolated, or something similar to that. This could bias the process if, for example, they didn’t call mobile phones or if a lot of people don’t have their own phone. Or if people were not truthful about the number of people in their household (because they were there illegally for example).

      Even with an official census these things are difficult to determine accurately.

  7. I remember reading a demographic study that found the critical mass of an ethnic minority to be at around the 2% mark of the overall population. That puts the map into perspective. Just a nice to know. (above 2% and they become a presence and a force to deal with) Germany is 300% over the limit / France 400%, UK 200%, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium 200%. Context Context Context!!!!

    • I believe that the percentages given of Muslims in our countries is actually far higher than the number given. I believe that the number of Muslims in Britain is much bigger than 10%.

  8. The french streets are already littered with ‘butt lifting muslum monsters’. France and europe will not get it that islum is the problem until there are many more muslum atrocities like 7-11 and so on.

  9. Of all the mid-East, except Israel, the Syrian soldiers are the ones I respect the most. They don’t run away like the cowardly Muslim soldiers of all other countries. They stay in for the fight. At least he died with a bullet to the head, sadly in the name of the Muslim god called Allah.

  10. Ignorance knows no bounds. This isn’t new. Granted, I’m only in my early twenties but ever since I can remember they’ve been saying they want to kill and conquer western civilization. Yet it’s as if the West desires it’s own destruction. It’s not as if they’ve been quiet about it. US take heed. They are deceitful and they are patient. But then, what does it matter? Some speak out but at the first push back they kowtow because they want peace. Only one side will negotiate in earnest and it is not the mohammedans. We have opposing definitions of peace. To the westerner peace means living in harmony, respecting each others freedoms. To the mohammedan peace means do it their way or die. There’s a lot of talk but no one is willing to make the sacrifice, feel the discomfort associated with speaking this truth. Most are afraid to say, “No.” We’ve been conditioned to be conflict aversive. Everyone is a winner. No one ever tries and fails. All are to be treated as if they are the same. No one is faster, smarter, prettier, gifted. That is our biggest challenge. Our greatest challenge is convincing people that someone will win and someone will lose and we are not all the same. Sometimes life is uncomfortable, not fair and there can only be one winner. It’s not always “how you play the game.” Not when your survival is at stake or your children’s very lives are, not then. When that time comes, it is ONLY whether you win or you lose. In matters of your very survival, there is no such thing as compromise, rules of engagement or fairness. There is only life or death.

      • Catholic School for as long as my parents could afford it. Transferred to public school when I was 15 but the Catholic School was so far ahead of them that I’d already had all the classes there so I ended up at Community College for 2 yrs then finished the last 3yrs of my entox studies at UC Davis and graduated at 20 from there. But most of what’s going on now I heard from my grandmother. She and my grandfather were landholders in Nicaragua up until the 1980’s when they were forced to flee during that uprising. Stories she told of the poor being promised their due, social justice warriors who incited the masses by convincing them of their entitlement to the land. So, the poor received their due for a very brief period then the very same ones who initiated the movement swept in, took over the wealth and now the poor are poorer. We are a large family and my parents struggled just to provide. No extra cash for incidentals like Play Stations or ipods so we spent a lot of time talking and reading. Not exactly one of the kewl kids, but I had a great childhood none the less. Grateful for the times we spent talking and sharing. In the end I was the one with the wealth. But, it’s as if I’m seeing my grandmother’s stories playing out in front of me in real time right before my eyes. Right here. Right now. It’s a different time, different people but same story. One that I’ve heard many times before.

        • OK, so in your formative years, you did not have to suffer from leftist brainwashing. Good for your parents. Your family are the kind of immigrants that made America great.

      • BNI: somewhat related, it’s worth mentioning that the Hunger Games books appear to be an attempt to teach teenagers about political realism to compensate for the refusal of state-run schools to do so. The author’s father had a PhD in political science and was a military veteran, and he spent a lot of time explaining things to her. It’s too early to tell what effect the books have had but I am hoping that reading them is resulting in young people asking questions that they wouldn’t have otherwise asked. (The last movie hasn’t been released yet and that one will contain the most obvious political realism issues.)

    • good on you Emma for being so switched on to this problem at your age. i cant get any of my freinds into the cause. all just think there is no real problem. and we’re a lot older and meant to be wiser.

      no one cares. but time is coming that the tide will turn. so its great you can see the wood for the trees now, and see with a disgusting filthy satanic bloodthirsty death cult this religion is.

      in your early 20’s. well done to you

  11. When I was in Spain in 1985, I visited a lovely town high up in the mountains named La Ronda. Beautiful simple place overlooking Mediterranean Sea. Very steep going up the twirling narrow road in a jeep.

    At the entrance of this town, there’s a cliff like the one in the photo. Locals tell of it being used to throw people off the cliff in the years 1400. This is the era when Muslims dominated La Ronda. Sad that locals don’t know it was Muslims doing the deed. They don’t know that Moors were Muslims.

  12. Well well well , Pee-air and Gaston or what ever the name of French leaders are. What part of this message goes above your heads?

    If you do not understand this and deport ALL the mooslims in France, you are the dumbest fucks going. Pardon the language

    You do not need the mooslims, you should not have the mooslims in your country, full stop.

    The ‘left’ are getting so violent, all over the world, they need to be put down like the savage dogs they are.

  13. Well, I guess the French white flag factory is working overtime. My belief is screw-em, for allowing this disease into their country. They didn’t learn from the Nazis.

  14. This IS the ONLY “Action” that Islam’s Cult Ideology, FALSE “Religion of ‘Peace’ “, “Death to the Infidel”, 7th Century Mentality “Retarded” Bloody Butchering Muslims know BEST, as Islam attempts to Rule the World – “The Islamic State (ISIS) now is threatening to “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies”.

    All as Sanctioned by Islam the Cult Ideology of HATE, and Islam’s “Prophet” of HATE-Mohammed, and Islam’s “Holy Book” of HATE the Qur’an.

  15. Hopefully the French and all of Europe take this seriously. Time to start cracking Muslim heads and sinking those boats before they get to shore. You would think that france would wake up after the Hebdo killings but too many leftest in government still kissing up to the savages. Instead of water canons, its time to use live ammo on the animals. Start rounding them up and sending them back to the hell holes they came from. That goes for the Moozlems Obama’s been bringing here to America. While were at it, why not send Obama back to his Mooslem roots.