[UPDATED] First Arkansas, then Florida, now a Kentucky gun shop has declared itself a “MUSLIM-FREE ZONE”

tudor_029-viJACE FIREARMS in Whitesburg, Kentucky has adopted a NO MUSLIMS policy following the slaughter of 5 U.S. servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee by a Muslim terrorist shooter. Not surprisingly, designated terrorist group CAIR has its panties in a wad over this latest gun shop’s security policy. Hopefully, it will become a trend nationwide.

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104 Whitesburg Plaza
Whitesburg KY, 41858
(606) 633 – 4gun (4486)

UPDATE! Sadly, the owner of this store has caved to leftist ACLU strong-arm pressure and removed the MUSLIM-FREE ZONE sign.

WKYT  The owners of a Letcher County gun store, which sparked controversy after adopting a new policy banning Muslims, have removed the sign.


The sign, which read “MUSLIM-FREE GUN STORE,” was posted earlier this week at Jace Firearms. The sign was removed Friday after receiving a large round of criticism and a social media campaign, initiated by residents, to show the public that it is not reflective of all Whitesburg residents. The sign also grabbed the attention of officials with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who said, 

“Although it appears that this is a ploy to attract attention, it is nonetheless an unlawful and reprehensible example of religious discrimination. It also calls into question whether the store’s owners should be federally licensed to sell firearms.”


On Thursday, Jill Stidham, co-owner of Jace Firearms, said her store would no longer welcome Muslim customers. Stidham said Islam is a religion of hate and they are bringing hate upon our country every day.