AMERICANS welcome Christians, Jews, Atheists, and other faiths…Muslims, not so much

TROPNot so much maybe, but still way too much. Surprisingly, even after more than 26,000 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks around the world since September 11th, 57% of Americans still think America is welcoming for Muslims.  Do we need another 9/11 to reduce that number to where it ought to be – ZERO%?

Religion News  Americans are all for religious freedom — but disagree on who can claim it. Diverse religious groups are recognized — but Christians and Jews are significantly more welcome than atheists, and many don’t see a welcome mat at all for Muslims.


So finds a new look at Americans’ religious self-image, detailed in a LifeWay Research survey Roughly 9 in 10 Americans say it is a welcoming place for Christians and Jews. Only 67 percent say it is welcoming to atheists, usually in last place on public favorability polls.

And just 57 percent see America as welcoming to Muslims, according to the survey, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

imagesIbrahim Hooper, spokesjihadist for the designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), shrugged at the statistic. “It’s not really clear if this is good news or bad news. People of faith are predisposed to welcoming other people of faith. So I’ll give this the best possible interpretation — that people are hoping they are welcoming,” he said. (Don’t dream, Hoopie)

He’s waiting for the day that surveys ask, “How welcome do Muslims feel in America?” (So are we, when we can say “not at all”)