SOUTH CAROLINA Police and FBI care more about the safety of Muslims in a town called ‘HOLY ISLAMVILLE’ than they care about the Islamic terror threat to Americans in the area

Unknown‘Holy Islamville’ is an all-Muslim enclave in South Carolina, long suspected of being one of 22 Islamic jihadist training camps around America. But the FBI and  York County Sheriff’s Office apparently thought it more important to reassure Muslim worshipers from the Islamic town of their protections under the law, and discussed ways to rat out any ‘suspicious’ activities of their non-Muslim neighbors, who live in constant fear that Islamic terrorists are being trained in their own backyards.

The State  Sayeed Shakir, mayor of Islamville, said Tuesday’s discussion was part of a working relationship their community has with the FBI to help foster relationships and outreach with the larger York County community.

Residents and worshipers of Holy Islamville near York on Tuesday heard from the FBI and the York County Sheriff's office on possible dangers from anti-Muslim bigots

Residents and worshipers of Holy Islamville near York on Tuesday heard from the FBI and the York County Sheriff’s office on possible dangers from anti-Muslim bigots

Special Agent Devon Mahoney explained that the FBI only gets involved in cases involving a violation of federal law. As an example, he cited the designation of the Charleston church shooting as a hate crime. 

“That type of crime is an FBI crime,” he said. “If you’re out at the store or out in Rock Hill and someone assaults you because of your religion, that would be something the FBI would be concerned with, and we would get involved.”


Watch the below video about ‘Holy Islamville,’ a dangerous Muslim enclave in South Carolina.

Muslims of the Americas, led by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in Pakistan, is a very similar group with very similar aims, though its focus is more rural than urban. It admits to owning at least 22 “villages” around the country that are dozens of acres large and operate under names like “Islamberg,” “Holy Islamville,” and “Aliville.” These Muslim-only lands are open to outsiders solely during planned outreach events and sometimes to journalists.

This group has received considerable media attention due to allegations that its isolated compounds are used for paramilitary training, an accusation bolstered by a videotape released by the Christian Action Network. On that tape, a speaker is seen declaring the U.S. a Muslim country and pledging that Muslims of the Americas will defend American Muslims from foreign and domestic enemies.


Several people in attendance Tuesday said they’ve noticed instances of hostility toward Muslims increasing.  “Recently now, it’s heightened,” one woman said. “It’s all the time now, we go out and about and somebody is going to either say something, give us the finger, yell something out the window or even corner you in Wal-Mart and give you that, ‘Yeah, just try it’ look.” 

Detective Bob Hamilton of the York County Sheriff’s Office said they want people to report all incidents, even those that don’t seem major. Information such as tag numbers or descriptions of the person or vehicle can help investigators.


“That gives me an idea of who may be a problem later,” Hamilton said. “And if something does come up that is major, I go back in my file and see who was causing problems initially and then go out and talk with them.” 

Mahoney said people who commit crimes usually go through a progression before their activity becomes criminal. That’s why, he said, it’s important to report even the small things. 


Terrorist training in Muslims of Americas camps is for women as well as for men

Terrorist training in Muslims of the Americas camps is for women as well as for men

“Someone just doesn’t wake up one morning and commit a crime,” he said. “Usually something happens and it gets worse and worse, and it builds up to them actually doing something bad.

If you have a car that comes by once and we don’t know about it, then it comes by twice and we don’t know about it, then three times and we don’t know about it – if we knew about that first time, Bob and I can do some investigation and look at this person’s background. This is someone who maybe has a criminal history of violence.”


Jacqueline Shakir said people too often align all Muslims with the extremists seen in news reports who carry out violent acts – purportedly in the name of Islam. 

“Other people who say they are Muslim, they’re just murdering things,” she said. “They look at us like it’s us. After today, doors are opened for us to hopefully resolve some of these issues.” FBI and York sheriff meet with Islamville

Guerilla training for women at sister city to ‘Holy Islamville’ called ‘Islamberg,’ in Hancock, N.Y., headquarters of radical group, the Muslims of the Americas.











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  1. OMG, what on Earth is happening in the US? Has that once proud country gone completely mad? Protecting and defending cultists, and spying on innocent people who happen to drive by? Your nation is well on its way to become as muslime-friendly like any of the stupid European nations.

    • York is a cell sitting on the same commAnd as alquadea and jhaud
      In Charlotte and Raleigh ( Hezbollah ). Look as per northerners as map. There. Are 12 mosques in Charlotte ( Hezaballah. ) alone. Look at what they have in this triangle. Duke power plant, Winthrop university to camouflage young, soldier age ppl ( men and women ) the universities in the other named cities. Duke power has electric plants in NC also. Roanoke Virginia , Al- frugra. This isn’t a secret to national security but ours. Know your suroundings

    • Google map Islamville Way in York, SC. You will see that someone has hacked in and scribbled out one of the houses in Islamville. What are they hiding? I informed CN2 news who informed the sherif. Their response was that they are “watching them closely.” There is more evidence on Islamville than the authorities had on Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik who conducted Jihad in San Bernadino this week. It is time for the authorities to raid the MOA villages and shut down the training camps.

  2. I’m very afraid that York County, SC & Charleston County, SC
    are ruled by the same Dem ilk, and it would be
    a frightening life for any White Christian Person, who dared
    to live there. What a disgrace to the memory of
    the brave white men and women of 1876!

  3. You would think a balanced approach would be in order of explaing to these cults that the laws of the country and local laws will also be re-enforced and that sharia law is not acceptable in this country. The female cultists should be informed of rights that their male counterparts dont want them to have. They should ensure them that FGM will also not be tolerated. How many of those kids are “homeschooled”. Meaning: less academics focus and large amounts of time wasted memorizing the koran.

    Of course that wont happen for fear they will be offended by balanced approach.

  4. Can you imagine living near one of these Muslim ‘villages’. How convenient too….right near A major target….. I mean a nuclear plant….isnt that special!!!!! Gee….I thought they came here to become Americans and identify with the good ole USA. What happened then, that they are isolating themselves????hummnn

    Although my favorite part of the clip is at 4:55 when “Sheriff Bruce” states that ‘these people drive school buses here … in our hospitals” GREAT – just F’N GREAT……

    • They work where ever they can hurt the most people. They were told by Jihadi leaders to make friends of the Americans and when the time comes, Kill them like dogs. I hope we are using satellite images to record all activity and black helicopters with infra red cameras. We have the technology.

  5. Nothing new here, these peeps on film look like your typical inner-city America-hating angry-blacks, aka black panthers, these just put bags over their ugly heads.

    • Nimrod, do not be so innocent, this is Obama’s minion reaction to having Islamic invasion encouraged and promoted by Obama!! This is why I am so glad to hear that Trump is draining the intelligence swap!! The FBI is full of corrupt Obama ites, who need to GO!! The CIA is run by a convert to Islam, the worst possible kind of Muslim!! This Russian issue is nothing more than a distraction !! While the Justice Dept. has for years now is spending millions on “hate Crime” crap. They turn our head from the real threat. ISLAM!!!

  6. Islam is completely incompatible with a progressive civilised society. No one should be forced to tolerate this scourge on society.

  7. It is really quite pathetic the lengths supposedly educated people will go to convince themselves that the proverbial emperor is well-clothed. Did I say “educated?” Sorry, meant to say, “indoctrinated/brainwashed.” Sorry for any confusion on my part.

  8. Well of course they do, after all they’re obama’s preferred people, they’re special, and they (well, one of them) make that special sound he considers “the most beautiful sound in the world,” the call to get their arses in the air!

    The sound of a cat purring claims that distinction for me, while for decades now I’ve puzzled over the fact that not a single minaret has ever been blown up when mudslimes sound that atrocious cacophony!

    There is no need for that noise, but then there’s also no need for them to get out in streets and close off traffic while they make a stupid spectacle of themselves praying to their imaginary moon god, but our ‘betters’ say they have a right to do it.

  9. WOW! What a change from how they treated the White Supremist Cults. Now they are helping the cults because they aren’t white or Christian, so that makes it all ok. Not that I wanted White Supremist Cults to do what they were doing but this is the same and worse due to the numbers and their “holy books”. I’ll bet 90% of these people are getting all kinds of welfare. More kids=bigger checks. Like any other weird cult, I’ll bet the kids are being abused, physically, psychologically, mentally and sexually. Especially because it’s Islamic.

  10. The Police and the FBI care more about Islam’s Muslims, who are Infiltrating America, than Loyal Americans.

    Remember it IS America’s VERY Obvious Pro Islam and Pro Muslim, “Imperial Potus” Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Jr., apparently attempting to fulfill his “Goal” of turning America into an “Islamic Caliphate”, with the “Black Flag of Islam” Flying over the White House (which Interestingly Enough, commensurate WITH Obama’s Plans, the Islamists HAVE Threatened).

    Remember Obana, who HAS Lectured america AND the World: “6 TIMES THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SAID ITS JOB WAS TO PROMOTE ISLAM”, AND Remember Obama’s “Words of Wisdom” to America: “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”, “Islam has always been part of America”, “The Islamic State ISIS is not Islamic”, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”, et. al. “6 Times The Obama

  11. The local sheriff said he keeps files on those who could “cause trouble” with Muslims. So, any Muslim who doesn’t like you can report you under any claim of harassment or abuse they make up and you will get targeted by a dhimmi police force whenever there is trouble between Muslims and locals.

    This would be hysterical if it wasn’t so horrifying. Islam is taking over America just by showing up.

    • Droneguy, All I can say is when that Sheriff, so called, runs for re-election, get him out.. It is just the fact that others in your community need to know this.. Sounds like you are in danger of Islamic terror being over looked by so called law enforcement.. This is just to much to sit back and let go by..

  12. I see a whole bunch of little Wacos happenning once this current administration changes hands. Wouldn’t get too comfortable if I was in islamiville. They’ve done it before. Stepping up their game. Sign of desperation. And no where in any criminal code does it say that I have to be polite to anyone. Now they’re going to investigate anyone who drives by or gives them the evil eye? Careful LE. There are laws against harassing citizens! Be very careful that you don’t find yourselves on the wrong side of the bench. LE cannot consider religion when in the performance of their duties. Isn’t that right, cair?? 🙂

  13. Scary stuff right there. Right under our noses too. ALL religions “Compounds” are scary but Muslim ones are downright dangerous to all of us.

  14. Wow!!! Very nice and reassuring. Hey! You know what? I think I would love to come to the U.S. for good. South Beach, Florida seems nice… Think majority of American are lovable not as nasty or paranoid as those of BNI are they?