US Veteran, who joined the enemy side, tries to test Florida Gun Supply’s ‘MUSLIM-FREE ZONE’ policy

Fearing a violent confrontation after being tipped off by the Feds, Florida Gun Supply owner chooses to close down for the day rather than allow a Muslim plant into his gun training class.

BNI Readers, I believe that the comments on the BNI post below are from the same Chris Martin featured in this story: florida-gun-supply-has-now-declared-itself-a-muslim-free-zone


ABC News  A U.S. veteran, who converted to Islam after serving in the Navy, traveled nearly 2,500 miles to test an Inverness, Florida gun store owner’s controversial policy to not serve the Muslim community. But as soon as he arrived the plan began to go off track.

“I told the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms) Agency what I was going to do, but I told them I’m not going to be confrontational or anything,” Chris Martin said. “Other than attend the training class.” Federal agents seemed on edge as they tried to determine the California man’s intent, stopping just short of asking the former Navy medic to call off his mission.

Martin came to meet Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan. He was brought here after seeing Hallinan’s YouTube video declaring his gun store a “Muslim free zone.” Martin wanted to test that theory and signed up for Tuesday night’s gun training class.


Martin served in Desert Storm, and after being honorably discharged in 1996, he became a Muslim. ATF agents were waiting for Martin just as he began to leave for the class. “They told me that they had the gun shop closed today, and they’ve actually been following me I guess since I got here,” Martin said.

Martin decided to go to the store anyway. It was store owner Andy Hallinan who chose to close down after hearing Martins plans. Over the phone, Hallinan said he felt like he’s been held captive in his own home and feared for his life.

CAIR-Florida released a statement, saying the gun shop owner’s policy is harmful to all Americans:


CAIR-FL is extremely concerned to learn that a U.S. Navy veteran who honorable served his nation was apparently denied services by Florida Gun Supply because of the veteran’s MUSLIM faith. Our nation’s heroes fought and died to preserve the liberty of all Americans to exercise their freedom without discrimination based on race or religion. Such illegal discrimination is precisely why CAIR-FL had objected to FGS’s offensive and illegal Muslim-free policy. It is harmful to all Americans, regardless of their race or religion, including those who served in our nations armed forces. 

Hassan Shibly
CAIR Florida
Chief Executive Director