ARIZONA: Desigated Terrorist Group CAIR continues to harass US Marine vet, John Ritzheimer, for his anti-Islam videos and Facebook comments

jonritzheimerMuslim Brotherhood/Hamas front group CAIR is demanding an FBI investigation of Marine Corps vet Jon Ritzheimer (photo right), who has become the new face of the anti-Islam ‘crusade’ in Arizona after he organized a protest rally in front of a Phoenix mosque alleged to have terrorist ties.

Phoenix New Times  We’ve been monitoring him since the biker rally,” says Liban Yousuf, CAIR Arizona Civil Rights Director – referring the May 29 demonstration outside of the Phoenix Islamic Cultural Center that brought hundreds of protesters and counter-protesters to the streets to defame or defend Islam – “but in the recent videos [he’s posted on social media], he’s really ramped up the ‘violent’ rhetoric.” (By “ramped up,” they mean he burned a quran in the desert)


It’s made many Muslims in Arizona feel unsafe and threatened, Yousuf adds. “All that screaming, yelling…we periodically send updates to the Phoenix Police Department and the FBI to let them know about [the things he says or does].”

Gee, I wonder how unsafe Jon Ritzheimer feels after seeing his name and home address posted all over the internet by Muslims in a thinly veiled threat?

Arizona Rally

The F.B.I. says it “does not comment on on-going investigations,” and therefore cannot “confirm nor deny the existence of any ongoing investigation.” (Because if they jumped every time CAIR demanded a federal investigation of an American using his First Amendment right, they virtually would have no time to do anything else)

Ritzheimer has posted at least seven inflammatory videos of himself ranting about the “evils of Islam” and the “hateful teachings of the Quran,” since the May rally. 

PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 29:  Protesters rally outside the Islamic Community Center on May 29, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona.
PHOENIX, AZ – MAY 29: Protesters rally outside the Islamic Community Center 

Earlier this week, we wrote about what we thought was Ritzheimer’s latest video (See first link below video here)— in it, he films himself driving and ranting about how Islam was to blame for the most recent shooting incident that left four Marines and one Navy sailor dead in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

(The video currently has 856,271 views, 30,947 shares on Facebook, and dozens of comments from readers showing their support for Ritzheimre’s statements.)